Friday, 3 February 2012

The Budget Scrub

For the skincare lovers out there who are on a budget, here is a very cheap scrub that is so cheap it's practically free! What is this scrub??

Sachets of sugar: get it now! FREE from most coffee shops! I got mine from my local Whetherspoons pub haha. These are perfect for when you're travelling too~!

I'm sure most of you have sugar in your kitchen but I sometimes use sugars sachets just because it's more convenient (I'm lazy and keep them in my room). I don't know if it's just me, but opening sachets makes me feel like I'm actually opening a sachet of skincare product hehee. Anyway I'm currently hooked on this scrub! I have a bit of eczema on my face so my skin can get pretty flaky but this scrub has really helped to keep the flakes away. Not only this, but my skin gets super smooth and soft right after using it. This scrub doesn't dry out my skin either! All these benefits from something that's free...Did I mention I was hooked on this scrub?

Different versions of the sugar scrub are around the internet but this is my version and method of using it which I feel works best for me. Maybe it'd work for you too!

♪ You will need 

~ One sachet of suger (you'll probably be only using half of it)
~ ...OR half a teaspoon of sugar
~ And that's it!

♪ How I use the sugar scrub 

1. On a make up free face, wet face with warm water. This will open the pores so the sugar can be absorbed easier.
2. With the face still wet, gently massage in the sugar you skin. Like most skincare products, try to avoid the eye area.
3. Keep massaging the sugar until it's all dissolved into a serum-like liquid. It might just be me but when the sugar becomes this "serum" I find it really hydrating.
4. Rinse the skin with cold water to close the pores and seal in the sweet goodness.
5. Pat your face dry and then moisturize.

♪ Extra tips 

~ If you have sensitive skin and find that the sugar is too gritty, you can try wetting it a little in your hand to dissolve it a bit to make the scrub least harsh.
~ Re-wet the face if the if it starts getting dry and the sugar hasn't fully dissolved. We want all the sugary goodness!
~ You can use this scrub on the lips too to soften them and get rid of flakiness! Just make sure you wet them first.
~ Do not use this scrub if your are allergic to sugar and stop if you get a bad reaction...pretty sure the reasons are obvious.

I hope the sugar scrub works for you as well as it does for me!
Have you used sugar as a scrub before? If so how did you find it?


  1. Great tip. I heard to mix it in with honey and then use it. the honey adds moisture or olive oil. Will be trying to soon. Was going to buy a lip scrub from lush today for £4 something and i opened it and it looked like sugar mixed with a little water in a jar hahaha I thought I could make that at home! =D

    1. I've tried the honey version too but I wasn't a big fan of the gloopy feel of it ^^"
      Good luck with the scrub when you do try it :)

  2. Yay, thank you for a really simple scrub! ^^
    It seems quick as well, and i just haven't had much time lately!
    But it's nearly holidays so I'm going to relish in it! ^3^
    (the holidays, not the sugar!)

    1. No problem! Hope it works well for you!
      Hahaa relish the sugar xD Hope you have a lovely holiday :)

  3. I'm gonna try this, love diys
    thank you

    1. Hope this scrub works for you~!
      It's so extremely easy I'm not even sure if it should be called a "DIY" because you don't need to do anything with the sugar haha XD


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