Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I'm Back...with a Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for the past month without any notice...I've been through some some ups and downs recently so I wasn't really in the mood for blogging. Things are better now so there's no need to worry :)

Anyway, during my absence I was given the "Versatile Blogger Award" by Yoyo who I'd like to thank! Apparently I need to give 7 facts about myself so here it goes!

1. My birthday is 30/12/1991...that makes me 20 at the moment *eep*

2. Apart from goldfishes, I've never really had a proper pet before because my parents don't want fur around the house :\

3. I am currently studying a Textile Design degree

4. I used to really be into visual kei and J-rock as a teenager. I've seen Girugamesh and Dir en grey live :)

5. I know it's not everyone's thing...but I quite like dubstep (wubwuubwuuub)

6. As far as I know...I'm 100% Chinese and I speak Cantonese (My parents are both from Hong Kong)

7. Career-wise, I'm not that ambitious; I'd rather be living an easygoing life that's enjoyable rather than a super successful life that's stressful with lots of money in the future. Why live in stress when you can be happy ( =w= )

And now time to tag some blogs :D

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Y U K L U I * S T Y L E
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THT Christina

By the way, here are the rules. I think there are a few different versions but this is the set I first came across on google ( ^_^" )

Rules of the honour:

1) Thank the person that nominated you with a link back
2) Tell 7 things about you
3) Pass this on to 10 newly discovered blogs and let them know they received the award.

Don't forget to copy and paste these rules!

I'm currently on Easter break at the moment so hopefully I'll get back into blogging again in the next few weeks! I have some photos I took from way back for some reviews I promised so look out for those ;D


This post is lacking in the photo department so BOOM! Here's a recent photo of me . . .

I really need a hair has no shape at all ( -.-" ) Anyway....spring is finally here!! It's been getting sunnier and warmer in the UK....I hope the weather stays this way!

Blog to you guys very soon hopefully c:


  1. Congratulations~ c:
    Can't wait to see more blog posts in the future~ c:

    1. Thank you~!
      I'll try to stay motivated >:D

  2. These are some interesting facts! And yea, goldfishes are my only pets!

    1. Hahaa really?! I kind of find goldfishes boring ^^"

  3. congratulation!!you're photo are so pretty..(‐^▽^‐)

  4. Thanks for the tag! I LOVE visual kei with a passion <3 I don't seem like a fangirl irl but when it comes to them... lol. Super jelly that you got to see girugamesh live too!

    1. Hahaa no problem!
      You should see them if you get a chance too! Satoshi's pretty damn hot in person
      ( * ¬ * )

  5. congrats and thank you leng lui! :) hope things are well with you. keep your head up and stay positive. dont let anyone or anything bring you down xxx

    1. Hahaa no problem leng lui!
      Thank you so much for the kind words too...really appreciate it (:

  6. Sorry I just read your comment ^^# Thanks for the award~! :D My parents don't like fur in the house either but we did have rabbits before and we were all allergic to them LOL... But when I get my own place I want my own dog hahaha XD

    1. No problem :D
      OMG that's exactly what I wanna do as well! I want a dog too in the future when I've settled down in a house :3


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