Wednesday, 25 April 2012

OFOTD: Borrowing Clothes

I've been putting off blogging in these past few days...I'm back at uni now and blogger's new layout sorta scares me heheh ( =w=" ) Anyway, yesterday my boyfriend wanted me to help film some stuff for his course at the local park. Being at a pretty location and because my dude has a nice camera, we decided to take some shots of my outfit eventhough most of the things I was wearing wasn't mine...

I wanna be a skater kid!

~ Hat - Mitchell & Ness
~ Jumper - Dickies
~ Shorts - Self made
~ Tights - Primark
~ Shoes - Converse
~ Backpack - Vans

I really don't look my ages here lol. More that half of the items in this outfit belongs to my boyfriend; I managed to run out of clothes and needed to do laundry ( ^__^" ) With a pretty park and finally being reunited with my wardrobe, hopefully I can post better outfit of the day posts in the future :D


Oh by the end this post on a funny note here's a random photo of me stuck in a door from the same day LOL

I have another hat on because it just came out the laundry :3 My boyfriend went in my room whilst I was leaning on the door chatting with my flatmate and this was the result haha~!

Blog to you guys soon (:


  1. Where is ur uni ?? :) looks nice!

    1. Hahaa it is pretty nice! I live and study in the UK :)


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