Wednesday, 11 April 2012

OFOTD: Nothing special

Today my family and I went to "yum cha". For those who don't know, when you go to yum cha you normally eat dim sum and other traditional Chinese food. We always go out of town to yum cha so I usually have a habit of dressing up a bit. However, due to the cold-ish weather and me packing inappropriate clothes home, I ended up with a normal, plain, casual look xD

~ Knitted Jumper - Apricot
~ White Shirt - H+M
~ Black Shorts - Uniqlo
~ Satchel Bag - Accessorize
~ Brown Boots - New Look

I ran out of tights so I had to wear calf-high boots to keep my legs warm. Maybe it's because I get cold easily but I sometimes don't believe Spring is here in the UK ( =w=" )

Also, I have some exciting news!! Today I picked up a few things....for a GIVEAWAY !!!

I noticed that I've recently hit the 50 followers mark so my next entry will be a giveaway post to say thank you to all you guys who reads my blog :3

Make sure you stay tuned ( ^___~ )


  1. Cute outfit ! ^^ I haven't been to Yum Cha in ages, *q*
    Looking forward to giveaway ^-^!~

  2. Yay for yum cha~ XD
    I love your outfit :3

  3. Still a cute, casual outfit! c:


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