Sunday, 1 April 2012

Revlon ColorStay Foundation Normal/Dry Review

Wow I've had this review in draft since the January LOLWTH! So here it is finally: the review for the much raved about Revlon ColorStay Foundation!

Image from I left this foundation in uni so I can't take a photo of my bottle and it looks like I never took a photo of it beforehand. I own it in 180 Sand Beige by the way.

No make up

With Relvon Colorstay on

Half and half: foundation on the left, none on the right.

As you can see, this foundation is a fairly good match for my skin tone (during the winter anyway). My main problems are pores, redness and sometimes the odd spots and this foundation covers all of these blemishes of mine wonderfully.

Good points...

~ Evens out skin tone very will
~ Buildable lovely coverage. It's medium to full but moisturizer can always make it lighter :)
~ Good consistency: not too thick nor too thin
~ Matches my skin tone - it's always a plus
~ Doesn't dry out my skin or make it look cakey
~ Good oil control. No shiny nose = win
~ Stays on pretty much all day

Bad points...

~ Can look plastic if too much is applied
~ I know a lot of people complain about this: THERE'S NO PUMP!
~ Pretty expensive for a drugstore foundation: it's around £12.49 at the moment
~ Dries fast and then doesn't move so be quick! But then hey, it is a long wear foundation :p

So the final verdict...this is probably one of my favourite foundations and I can see why the beauty community raves about it. It was actually pretty hard thinking of the bad points because I don't find them that "bad". When I'm looking for a foundation I want them to be long lasting and to cover my imperfections without looking unnatural which is what this foundation does! My only major problem with this foundation is the price but it is a really good quality foundation and I think it's worth it. The only thing that would make this foundation so much more awesome is a pump ( =w=" )

Hope this review helped and blog to you soon!


  1. Oh~ This looks really great! >u< Maybe I'll look into it! :'D
    I don't normally wear foundation though, but it seems like a good one. c: Thanks for the review!

    1. No problem! Hope it works as good as it did for me if you do get it :D
      Same here...unless it's a special occasion, I'm too lazy most days to put it on haha~!

  2. Oh boy. I have problems with liquid foundation with no pumps.
    But it seems to be a good buy :((

    1. I know right?!
      It's such a good foundation...yet such a shame that it has no pump . ____ .

  3. Very good review, looks like a very good product!!

    1. Thanks! I highly recommend it :D


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