Friday, 18 May 2012

OFOTD: Anime look?

Yesterday my boyfriend and I decided to go out and mess about with my camera! I decided to take this opportunity to dress up and get some photos for an outfit post :P

Hey there~!


Just hanging

~ Blouse - H+M
~ Ribbon Bow - H+M (came with blouse)
~ Beige Skirt - Primark
~ White Tights - Peacocks
~ Flat Pumps - New Look

My dude said my outfit made me "look so Asian" and like I came out of an anime ( =w=" ) Anyway, we used his 14-42mm F/3.5-5.6 lens so the quality was so-so; plus it was cloudy. We also used autofocus because it looked pretty good on the camera screen however after transferring the files onto the didn't look as good. Ahhh I've become quite a camera nerd recently; I blame my boyfriend! He's quite into cameras and it's rubbing off onto me lol.

Blog to you guys soon!


  1. aww~ you look so cuute >w< love the blouse + ribbon, very anime like lol >.<

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells♥

  2. LOL "my dude" xD
    This reminded me, I have a guy friend who, I swear, is known to have a fetish with anime school girl outfits haha
    It's cute though! I like it ^^

    1. Thanks! Lol we call each other "dude" a lot so I guess that's how I've started referring him to "my dude" :L
      LMAO yeah there are some strange fetishes out there xD

  3. waiiii I love your animeish look!! kawaii <3

  4. YOU ARE SO CUTE!!! -steals you from your boyfriend- ;DDD

    I especially LOVEEE the second photo! It looks like he caught you off-guard, but you still have a cute expression! I wish I can look like that in those -derp- moments... I just look like I'm half-asleep or drunk or something LOL I love your outfit :D Okay, I REALLY need to hit up H&M. I know, I'm so behind on fashion, it's ridiculous. =__=; I'm also hecka jelly of your long beautiful hair T___T <333

    OH BTWWWW I'm sorry I hadn't responded to your email yet LOL. T__T I DID however buy the cereal, but I've just been too busy to send it to you. :( I'll try to get it to you ASAP! Sorry for making you wait ;OO

    1. LMAO Thankies Katie <3

      Ahh there were a lot of shoots of me looking super derp though which I haven't uploaded LOLOLOL

      Don't worry about the sending the cereal quick if you're busy...I'll control my cravings and wait patiently :L

  5. wow! your outfit is so cute *-* and you look so pretty <3
    i find your blog lovely :3


    1. Aww thanks for the kind words :D


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