Thursday, 31 May 2012

Palgantong One Touch BB Cream Review

Man I haven't done a review in ages! I'm back at home for a couple of weeks to spend some time with my family but apart from that I have nothing to do :( However, this would be a good time to write some of those review/post I've put down in my "Coming Up!" list; today I will be crossing off and reviewing the Palgantong One Touch BB Cream from my list. The pictures in the post were taken way back in January so the quality may not be as good as my recent posts; I just never got around to writing this review! I had to retest this BB cream because I forgot what my opinions were on it LOL. Anyway enough rambling and let's get on with the review.

Image found on google. I'm too lazy to take a picture of my bottle at the moment ( ^_^" )

Bare face. Sorry if you're disgusted by my pores

BB cream applied

Left side with BB cream. Right side without.

Here's a photo of my face 20 minutes later. Pretty sure it hasn't oxided into my skin colour.

Good Points...

~ Covers pores

~ Has SPF15
~ Hygienic squeezy tube

Bad Points...

~ Too light for my skin tone

Streaky and smears
~ Applies horribly
~ Feels very oily

I've had this BB cream for quite a while and it's still pretty full because I never use it and I have been reminded as to why whilst testing it. From the moment I applied this on my face, I already knew this BB cream wasn't going to work. I've tried the foundation brush, stippling brush, buffing it in, sponges, my hands; it just doesn't apply well unless you put in A LOT of effort. If a BB cream or foundation doesn't sit on the face well, you know it sucks. I have no idea how long this lasts for because it just felt too oily and smeared when I touched my face but then I guess that also tells us that the lasting power is probably going to be BAD. So would I recommend this product? Clearly not.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps!


  1. Aw, sad that the product wasn't great :( it covered pores rly nicely though and seemed to brighten ur face (altho that may be becuz it's lighter :P)

    1. Yeah :( Though I don't think this was too expensive so it's not that big of a lose money-wise. Sometimes you just get what you've paid for *sigh*

  2. I have heard a lot of raves on this brand so I really wanted to try purchasing one online until I googled more reviews and took me here. The bb does minimize the redness but too bad that it has more cons that pros. I'll probably just skip this as I have an oily skin and it would probably look greasy on me. Thanks so much for this detailed review...^_~

    1. I remember I was sucked into buying this BB cream because I saw it was ranked pretty high in a magazine. It must work for some people but unfortunately I wasn't one of them *sigh*
      No problem! Glad my review helped you ^__^


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