Monday, 21 May 2012

Recent Gets

It has been ageeees since I did some retail therapy! This is the first time I took a trip to the mall since finishing uni, here's what I got . . .

Sweet floral miniskirt from H+M

Close up of the print. Isn't it pretty?

Trevor Sorbie hair products from Boots. Never heard of the brand before...I was sucked into the 2 for £6 on their products offer so I hope they work

Underwear from Primark ;D I always buy in sets because I hate not matching!!

Details. I find that Primark underwear is always cute, cheap and cheerful which makes me a happy girl lol

From Primark again, some over the knee socks. I didn't own any and wanted to try them out. I went a little crazy when I saw that some of them were on offer though

Closer look at the non-plain socks. Only £1 each. BARGAIN!

Blog to you soon 


  1. Wish there were some bargains like that where I am in America, or maybe I'm not looking too hard for some bargains.

    I like those designs on the socks and the lace on the bras. I don't usually wear laced bras because it can show through my uniform and then I'll have to wear another shirt and sweat all day @-@

    1. I'm sure there are some bargains out there ;D
      Ahh I used to hate not wearing a my jumper in school! White school shirts are just so see-through >__<

  2. Those are some really nice bargians you got there! haha The undergarments are so cute too! Love it when bras and underwear match lol

    1. Hehee I think bargains and offers make everyone happy!
      I don't know why but when I have matching undies it just make me feel better eventhough nobody sees it lolol

  3. Super cute undies and socks! <3 I also hate mismatched undergarments :(

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to pair my socks with some outfits :3
      Good to know I'm not the only one that hate mismatching underwear lol


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