Friday, 29 June 2012

OFOTD: Flowers in the Wind

Hey guys! So today I had to pop into town (again) to do some errands which I forgot to do the other day *herp derp derp*. It was one of those days where I decided to dress up unnecessarily...just because I could :P

Today was kind of windy. Had to constantly hold my dress down ( >.<" )

~ Floral Dress - Bershka
~ Bow Belt - Hong Kong
~ Oxford Heels - New Look
~ Mini Satchel - New Look

The "looking at ma toes" pose

For those who thought I was going on hiatus; as you can see I'm not going just yet. I'm sorry I lied! I remember publishing my previous post and then thinking to myself "Hiatus? Really? You're not THAT busy! Apart from packing (which won't take long), you have pretty much eff all to do before you go to on holiday!" LOL. And so, I made this post :D

I'm probably going to do a post on the things I will be packing for holiday before I go so stay tuned for that  


[Update 02/07/2012]

My post on what I'll be taking on holiday will have to wait! I clumsily, accidentally closed the window when typing the post and it didn't auto-save half of it ( =A=" )

It's currently just past 1am as I type this and I should really sleep soon. I'm sorry I couldn't get the post done on time ( ; ___ ; )

This blog is now official on hiatus. I will be back two weeks or so with the post "What's in my make up (and toiletries) bags?" so see you there ;D

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

OFOTD: Like a Nerd!

Today I had to go into town to run a few errands. I wasn't going to be there long so I just wore something really casual

Welcome to my garden c:

Take two~!

~ Glasses - Officers Club
~ Top - Zoo
~ Shorts - Altered from some old trouser
~ Shoes - Converse

Sunday, 24 June 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated by Chaitea and Sheri; thank you so much girlies!

 Nomination Rules

~ Post the award image to your blog
~ Link the person who has award you
~ Post 7 random things about you
~ Nominate other 8 relatively new blogs

♪ Seven random facts

1. I can't wink my right eye. I end up blinking >_<

2. I swear my feet are cursed. Gross fact but for maybe nearly two years I haven't had a full set of non-bruised toenails. I somehow keep on bashing them :'(

3. Because of fact #2, I ALWAYS wear nail polish on my toenails. If anyone is wondering, they are currently metallic green xP

4. At the moment my favourite food is probably pasta. I've been craving/eating spaghetti bolognese a lot lately.

5. When I started my blog it wasn't called "Welcome to Shizu's Room". I left it as [Original blog title goes here] for a while because I just couldn't think of a good blog name at the time!

6. After years of mystery, I only found just out my exact height after a recent visit to the doctors where I was measured; I am 154cm

7. Today is in my last at my uni flat. I'm supposed to be packing my stuff away but I'm doing this tag to avoid it LOL

 Eight lovely blogs I think you should check out

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Well that's it for to you soon 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

OFOTD: Feeling Grey

My smile looks kind of fake here xD

Slightly happier because I find my shoes amusing?

~ Trilby Hat - Matalan
~ White Shirt - H+M
~ Loose Fitted Waistcoat- Uniqlo
~ Grey Miniskirt - Matalan
~ Satchel Bag - Accessorize
~ Knee Socks - Primark
~ Brogues - New Look
~ Paper Bag - O2 (hehee)

Ugh the weather's been so poop recently! England has gone back to it's typical cloudy, rainy state which means that I haven't really been able to wear my summer attire lately. Sigh. Sad times. When the sun isn't out I tend to feel more annoyed =__=" !

Sometimes I feel the weather can affect my mood; does this happen to anybody else?

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Review: GEO Nudy Grey

It's been a while since I did a circle lens review! I've had these lenses for a while now but I finally decided to open them.

These lenses were free (asides from post and packaging) from Shoppingholics! You can claim one free (random) pair of lenses by simply reviewing a pair of lenses which you purchased from them. If you want more info click here. I sound like I'm really promoting them aren't I but no I am not paid to say this lolol! I just want to put out there that they're a good site to consider if you are planning to buy more than one pair of lenses :D

Anyway, onto the review!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

Hey guys, it's time for another review!

"Up to 16h prefectly glowing complexion & toned skin."

"Perfect coverage. Semi-matte finish. Oil free. Tolerance tested dermatologically. Maintains essential skin hydration."

Sounds great! But then every company is going to say that their products are good :P

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tutorial: Dress Alteration...lazy style!

I know in the last post I said I'd promised some reviews but they're not coming up juuuuuuust yet. I wanted to get this tutorial out the way as I have had these photos for quite some time now ( ^_^" )

I was in a situation where I needed to buy a new dress to go out partying in, found one which I really liked the material of and purchased it eventhough it was to long for the occasion (i.e clubbing). I planned to cut and alter it but then I really wanted keep it as a long dress at the same time!! Why didn't I buy another dress? I simply couldn't afford it. Do you want to alter a dress shorter but don't want to sew or cut it up? If so, this is the tutorial for you~!

Before and After

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Camera Lens!

Before I start all my camera talk have you noticed anything different ;D ? I've finally decided to make my blog a bit more interesting by customizing my layout a little. I didn't want anything too busy looking so I kept the look pretty simple. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, enough rambling...

A few days ago I finally bought myself a lens for my camera~! I'd previously been borrowing my dude's lens so when I came home I didn't have one. This meant that I couldn't take any photos with my camera, so it was pretty exciting to find that my lens had arrived in the post.

It's a Canon FD 28mm F/2.8 :) Just a note for those into cameras, I had to by an adapter for it since I have a Micro Four Thirds camera. I'm really liking this lens and have been taking a lot of random photos. Here are just a few which I thought I'd share . . .