Sunday, 3 June 2012

Camera Lens!

Before I start all my camera talk have you noticed anything different ;D ? I've finally decided to make my blog a bit more interesting by customizing my layout a little. I didn't want anything too busy looking so I kept the look pretty simple. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, enough rambling...

A few days ago I finally bought myself a lens for my camera~! I'd previously been borrowing my dude's lens so when I came home I didn't have one. This meant that I couldn't take any photos with my camera, so it was pretty exciting to find that my lens had arrived in the post.

It's a Canon FD 28mm F/2.8 :) Just a note for those into cameras, I had to by an adapter for it since I have a Micro Four Thirds camera. I'm really liking this lens and have been taking a lot of random photos. Here are just a few which I thought I'd share . . .

I'm still just a beginner and trying to get the hang of things ( ^__^" ) I've taken more photos but they are for reviews so say tuned!


  1. They look like really nice photos! Better than mine at least. I could try and try to take a nice picture but because it's a phone camera, it loses focus and blurs. Congrats on getting your own lens!

    1. Thanks! Ahh before and was using my phone too; it really does suck when it decides to not focus =_="


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