Sunday, 24 June 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated by Chaitea and Sheri; thank you so much girlies!

 Nomination Rules

~ Post the award image to your blog
~ Link the person who has award you
~ Post 7 random things about you
~ Nominate other 8 relatively new blogs

♪ Seven random facts

1. I can't wink my right eye. I end up blinking >_<

2. I swear my feet are cursed. Gross fact but for maybe nearly two years I haven't had a full set of non-bruised toenails. I somehow keep on bashing them :'(

3. Because of fact #2, I ALWAYS wear nail polish on my toenails. If anyone is wondering, they are currently metallic green xP

4. At the moment my favourite food is probably pasta. I've been craving/eating spaghetti bolognese a lot lately.

5. When I started my blog it wasn't called "Welcome to Shizu's Room". I left it as [Original blog title goes here] for a while because I just couldn't think of a good blog name at the time!

6. After years of mystery, I only found just out my exact height after a recent visit to the doctors where I was measured; I am 154cm

7. Today is in my last at my uni flat. I'm supposed to be packing my stuff away but I'm doing this tag to avoid it LOL

 Eight lovely blogs I think you should check out

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8. PHUJU★ふ

Well that's it for to you soon 


  1. Replies
    1. It's so yummy isn't it >w<
      I'm so addicted to spaghetti bolognese at the moment, I learnt to make bolognese sauce the other day eventhough I'm not great at cooking haha!

  2. I LOVE pasta as well!

    btw thx for your commenting on my site! I love Fasio too but not hat mascara..

    check out the shiseido giveaway on my blog!

    1. Yay another pasta-lover!
      And no problem :)
      Omg Shiseido you say?! Going to check it out right now!!

  3. Thank you for recommending <3

    Ugh don't worry you're not alone. Ever since Floorball my toe nails have been weird. One fell off and grew back funny ;__;

    1. No problem <3

      Ahh really? I hope it gets better soon! Yeah mine sometimes grow funny too and it really hurts D':

  4. Thanks for the award >o<~! I'll do the questions when I get bored in HK XD


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