Saturday, 28 July 2012

OFOTD: Panda-boo~!

I should really be posting about my holiday and get that out of the way but this outfit post does somewhat have something to do with it! This outfit post features the ONLY item of clothes I purchased whilst on my trip to Hong Kong...crazy right?! I own too many clothes to a point I can't fit them I'm my wardrobe so I decided to splash out on other things which you will see in my upcoming haul. So yeah, because I couldn't really do a haul with just one T-shirt, here's an outfit of the day of me wearing it!

Panda-boo! I see you!

~ Panda Tee - Hong Kong
~ Black Skirt - H+M
~ Canvas Pumps - New Look

Full shot of the top


You know a top is probably cheap when it has Engrish on it LOL. This was only 40HKD!

Can you understand the Engrish on my top xD ?!
See you in my next post :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What in my make up (and toiletries) bags?

[It's finally here! Sorry for the wait. This post should really be called "what WAS in my make up and toiletries bag" :'D]

I said that I'd do a post on some of the stuff I will be taking on holiday so I thought I'd do the fairly popular "what's in my make up bag" post. I don't usually carry around a make up bag as I don't usually touch up during the day but this post will show you some of my most used products. I will also be showing my toiletries bag too so you guys can see some of the stuff I use for my current skincare routine.

I have two bags because I like to keep my makeup and skincare separate


Monday, 23 July 2012

Instagram Spam: I'm Back!

Hey guys, I'm finally back home from my holiday! To ease me back into blogging, here is an Instagram spam so here it goes!

McDonalds x Hello Kitty in Hong Kong. This makes McDonalds here look so bleh.

Gate 25 at the Hong Kong airport. I went to Japan >w< !!!

This was at a place called Sanrio Puroland. Too. Much. Cuteness. *dies*

A Vitasoy drink. These are soooo good! Always drink some when I'm in Hong Kong

My yearly dose of Ramune. Because I have it so infrequently I suck at opening it ( TTwTT )

My journey home. NOT! Our plane had problems so we were stuck in HK an extra day

Follow me on Instagram @shizurawr . I've sort of become an addict LOL. If I'm not updating this blog, I'm probably updating Instagram c:

And that's all the photos I Instagram'd on my holiday. Making this post made me realize I didn't take that many ( . __ ." ) This wasn't much of a "spam" was it? I'm sorry this post is kinda short. However, majority of my holiday photos were taken on my regular camera so expect some more photo spamming in the next few posts!

Blog to you lovelies soon