Monday, 23 July 2012

Instagram Spam: I'm Back!

Hey guys, I'm finally back home from my holiday! To ease me back into blogging, here is an Instagram spam so here it goes!

McDonalds x Hello Kitty in Hong Kong. This makes McDonalds here look so bleh.

Gate 25 at the Hong Kong airport. I went to Japan >w< !!!

This was at a place called Sanrio Puroland. Too. Much. Cuteness. *dies*

A Vitasoy drink. These are soooo good! Always drink some when I'm in Hong Kong

My yearly dose of Ramune. Because I have it so infrequently I suck at opening it ( TTwTT )

My journey home. NOT! Our plane had problems so we were stuck in HK an extra day

Follow me on Instagram @shizurawr . I've sort of become an addict LOL. If I'm not updating this blog, I'm probably updating Instagram c:

And that's all the photos I Instagram'd on my holiday. Making this post made me realize I didn't take that many ( . __ ." ) This wasn't much of a "spam" was it? I'm sorry this post is kinda short. However, majority of my holiday photos were taken on my regular camera so expect some more photo spamming in the next few posts!

Blog to you lovelies soon 


  1. I've always wanted to eat Mc Donalds in another country to see what is the difference! Hello Kitty toy beats the shitty ones we get in our happy meals!!!
    Omgggg I wanna see you blonde :O Blonde hair is fun to rock, just hard to maintain

    1. OMG I swear that Hong Kong McDonald's taste waaaayyy better than what we have in the UK! But then it might just be the presentation of HK's McD's that's getting me to think this way xD

      I actually did a post ageeees ago on the different hair colours I had as a teen! You can find me blonde here --> lol. I miss is so much but at the same time I don't wanna fry my hair again. It took me so long to get it back healthy and black ; w ;

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  3. Welcome back~ c:
    I recently just got back from Asia too. xD

    Can't wait to see all the photos you took~ c: It shouldn't be considered 'spam' at all. ;D

    Edit** Removed the first comment because I posted on the wrong blog. OTL'''

    1. Thanks Junjun!
      Ooo Asia? Sounds fun! I hope you post a lot of photos too :D
      I will try to get my photos up soon c:

  4. My local asian grocery store carries Ramune now. It really is tough to open. I almost gave up when it said "remove the marble"... You never see many cod bottle drinks anymore.

    1. Wow so lucky! I can never find Ramune in my not-so-local asian store :\
      And haha I know right. Have you tried unscrewing the cap? It really threw me of because you need to unscrew it the opposite way! The Ramune bottle is a pretty unique bottle indeed :)

  5. McDonald's with Hello Kitty is so cool!!!!!! How I wish there's something nice like this in my local Maccas...


    1. I know right! This isn't the first time McDonald's in Hong Kong have done a collab with Hello Kitty. I remember they did one years back when I was still a kid! I have some plushies from that year :3

  6. im jealous. ive always wanted to visited hongkong.
    must be amazing oO

    that pic with the bus is hilarious :)

    lovely blog ♥

    1. Yeah it's really good for shopping! Food is amazing too so if you every go make sure to pig out :D

      Hahaa I'm a child at heart xD

  7. Hey Jing Jing! You're back in UK already? O: So quick!! Oh btw, I was wearing glasses the other day so you probably saw me haha!:D
    Oooooooo I went to Sanrio Puroland last year >o< It was so cute ^o^!!
    Too bad we don't have the same flight back - but it would be freaky if we did XD

    1. Hey Yoyo, yeah I'm back in the the UK now xP And haha I know right!
      Awww man I wish I came up and said hi now :'D Maybe next time LOL! Now THAT would be freaky!!
      Ahh Puroland was such an overload of cuteness! If I had the money I would've bought everything >w<


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