Friday, 3 August 2012

Holiday Foodpornz

Pretty much everybody knows that when you go to Hong Kong . . . you have to eat. Eat eat eat. EAT ALL THE FOOD! So here's some images of various stuff I ate and drank (and saw on display) on holiday. By the way some of these were taken in Japan...which I will do a full post on veryyy soon! Okies, enough rambling! I'll let the photos take it from here :)

Food display in Japan. Fruit never looked this good!

Dim Sum in the morning

Congee. My favourite breakfast dish whilst in HK

McD's menu in Hong Kong


I had Korean BBQ for the first time. Was fuuuuun and yuuuumm!

Sushi! To be honest I'm not a crazy fan and mostly eat the non-seafood ones ( ^_^" )

Katsudon and udon

Japanese curry <3

Ramen. This has nothing to do with the food but if you look the spoon was very cleverly designed haha~!

Forgot the name of this....but I remember it was niceeee XD

Crepe display in Japan

Another example of a food display that will make you droll

Omurice! Really want to try make this one day!!

Some yummy looking dish that my brother had

Gai dan jai. People who go to HK often will know this is one of THE BEST street food!

Lemon tea in Pizza Hut. Sometimes I start missing food from the West when eating so much oriental stuff lol

Spagbol...I will always love eating you!

Close up shot!

Just your standard soup you get with a set meal


Daaawh the slices are kinda heart shaped :3

Chocolate bubble tea (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

Caku cakuu~! Something about cake in Hong Kong that makes them yummier in my opinion ( >w< ) !

More cake! This is actually a Haagen-Dazs store!

Well that's the end of my food post!
Anyone hungry trololol?!
Hope you enjoyed it c:


  1. Food porn indeed :P
    They look soooo yummy!!! Dim sum and congee <3
    omg the McDonalds at Hong Kong is so cute!

    1. Ahh I know right!
      Have you ever had "siu long bao"? They're one of my favourites *drools*

  2. sucha lucky girl!
    so jelly of you right now ahaha!

    1. Don't be jelly lol!
      I don't have this food anymore now that I'm back at home :'D

  3. omg, such good food T___T you're right, when you go Hong Kong, it's either eat or shop... mainly eat haha I love how Japan's meals always look almost the same as their displays! So perfect and beautiful *A*

    1. Yep shopping and eating was what my family and I did most days xD
      Ahh I know right! Sometimes the food looks so good I don't want to eat it ; w ;

  4. I wonder how different Pizza Hut is over there? I'm quite impressed how well that company adapts on a international level.

    1. It's really different imo! They seem to have most of the stuff on the UK menu but more. I remember seeing a seafood pizza on it!

  5. Yumm! I love how the food actually looks nice!

    1. Presentation always makes food look yummier :D

  6. that's so delicious :)

    check out my blog and follow me if you like ♥
    i'll follow you back ^_^

    1. It was! Man I'm getting hungry just by looking at my post again x'D

      Thanks for stopping by I'll defo have a look :)


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