Thursday, 16 August 2012

Japan Spam

As some of you many know my I took a short trip to Japan with my family within our holiday in Hong Kong (HOLIDAYCEPTION?!). I've always wanted to go to Japan and my dreams were made true this year!

The airport! This was actually taken when we were leaving but I thought it'd be nice to start of this post with an airport photo heh.

First stop: Odaiba! This is called the Rainbow Bridge. We had to cross this in order to get to Odaiba. I didn't get to see it but apparently its really pretty at night.

A building which I thought looked really cool. After some googling I found out it was the "Fuji Television Station".

Replica of the Statue of Liberty. I hope to see the real thing one day too!

The famous life-size Gundam! My brother and dad are fans and this was the main purpose of our visit to Odaiba

*epic pose* Looking into the distance...protecting the world

We stopped off at the Gundam Museum. My brother was like my tour guide for the day and naming all the models. I didn't know there were that many!!

 I don't know much about the series but I do know that Gundam look fricken badass!

Chibi Gundam models. How cute!

After Odaiba we decided to visit the Skytree! Unfortunately we didn't go in though because tickets were apparently sold out :c

We decided to go and look inside the mall for a bit. Hello Kitty is everywhere in Asia!

There were lots of cool shops in the mall which I didn't manage to capture on camera. However I did get this Rootote Shop! I have a Rootote bag which I got online years ago and I really like there designs so seeing an actual shop made me a little excited hehe.

On a train on the second day of our trip.

We went to Tama New Town...Hello Kitty's Town!

We visited Sanrio Puroland!! (or "Hello Kitty Land" as my parents liked to call it lol) If you want to go somewhere in Japan with on overload of cutest, this is the place to visit!


Interiors of the theme park. Why doesn't the real world look like this?!

Shirousa and Kurousa just hanging

Cute souvenirs! Very expensive so I didn't by anything ( TT~TT )

A show featuring Hello Kitty and Jewelpets. Pretty sure this was aimed for young children but I still wished I could understand what they were saying in Japanese.

After we were done with Sanrio Puroland we decided to head to Shibuya and look around. It was so busy!! I really wanted to shop since it's know for being a fashion center but because site seeing was what my family wanted to mainly do (and stuff in HK is cheap and I'm more familiar with things there) I didn't get anything :'D

Photo with the famous Hachiko

After Shibuya we went back to Shijuku (where our hotel was at) to eat. There were so many restaurants to chose from we had a hard time deciding because all the menus looked equally as good!

The last day in Japan. Because we had to check out our hotel early and our flight was in the evening, we decided pay the Character Street in Tokyo a quick visit. Similar to Sanrio Puroland, this street is another place where cutest is at a very high level.

The map of Tokyo Character Street

And to finish this post off, a picture of Japanese money. The inner nerd inside me comes out when I see money from different countries. It's just so....different. For example, the "doughnut coins" (what my boyfriend likes to call them), they look really cool *geek face*

And that concludes my trip to Japan! It was so short but so sweet ( ; w ; ). I definitely would like to go back again to visit more places; 3 days really wasn't enough! I'd love to visit some of the more historical landmarks in the future. Hopefully one day I can blog about Japan again...

Talking about future, I know I should really get my holiday posts out the way (I still want to post about Hong Kong and I have another holiday haul to do!!) but my next post will be an outfit post since my dude took some pictures for me when I visited him earlier this week.

Toodles c:


  1. Ohh I didn't know they had a character street! I would go broke there! Sanrio puroland, shibuya, and Odaiba are definitely on my list of places to go if I ever visit Japan!

    1. Neither did i until my brother told me about it xD
      I wish I bought more money so I could have splurged on cute stuff :'D

  2. wow ! i love tokyo...definitely !

  3. Great blog ;*
    I follow you, can you follow me back?

    1. Thanks for the follow!
      I'll check your blog out and see :)

  4. Wow! Everything is eyepoping adorable!

    1. I know right! I which where I live was a bit cuter *sigh*

  5. Great Blog, i want to go your pictures make me soo jel!

    CMPang x

  6. Aw looks nice :) That coin with the hole in it is so cool!

    1. Hehee I know right! I've never seen a doughnut coin until I went to Japan :B

  7. Fab post, makes me want to go to Japan even more ~ I love the picture of you and the bunny, so cute<3 Looking forward to your post about your trip to Hong Kong!

    1. I think it's nearly every Asian's dream to go to Japan! It's just so cute, the food and the culture!
      Hahaa it would be you who says they liked the bunny xP

  8. Wow~ I'm so jealous you got to go to Japan! >u< It's really high on my list of places I want to go to~ >u<

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! :'D I would've loved to see more picture spams, honestly. xD

    1. Hopefully you'll be able to go one day in the future :D
      It was super lots of fun!! I wanna go again haha~! I'm sorry if this spam disappointed you :'D A few of my photos from Japan went in my foodporn post I did previously so I lost a few pictures there ^^" Also, we had limited plug sockets in the hotel room so I had to ration my camera's battery life ; w ;

  9. Wow, looks like you had a fantastic time ^^
    That Gundam statue is amazing! And Sanrio Puroland is now officially on my 'must visit' list!

    1. I know right?! It's so big, tall and detailed!
      Hahaa if you ever go to Sanrio Puroland I recommend bringing quite a bit of money if you are easily sold by cute things xP

  10. wow so good, i wanna go too >.< and all the shop look cool

    1. Yes they do~! I just wished I had more money and time so I could have bought a thing or two >w<"


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