Sunday, 19 August 2012

OFOTD: Golden Hour

Earlier this week I stayed round my dude's flat. He lives in London. If I'm not working I'm usually with him. I spend most of my spare time with him these days since my girlfriends spend most of their time with there significant others too haha! I come from a quiet little town which can get quite boring very quickly. Most of my friends from home didn't even come back from uni to stay because it's that boring. If I didn't have to help my parents' business out I don't think I would have come back either lol. I'm glad I have my boyfriend as an excuse to get out of town on my days off. Yeah . . . sorry for rambling on about my life; but it does lead onto my outfit post!

*Inserts a picture to break up the text*

My boyfriend and I planned to go to Central London when I was staying with him but we sort of woke up too late *fail*. So the day passed and it was getting into the evenings when him and I happened to be talking about photography. We wanted to do some light painting later since we had done it before and it was super fun and cool. He then told me about the "golden hour" and how photos taken during this hour look amazing. Just happened so it was the golden hour when we were chatting! Remembering that I'd brought a nice-ish outfit to wear for Central London but not getting a chance to, I asked my dude if we could take some pictures of my outfit during the golden hour.

Sometimes I think I do the looking down pose too much (it's an easy pose xD)

~ Beige Jacket - YESSTYLE
~ Collar Top - Primark
~ Bodycon Skirt - H+M
~ Brogue Shoes - New Look
~ Satchel Bag - Accessorize

This outfit is little smarter than usual because it was initially planned for going into Central London. I just feel the need to look slightly smarter when I'm in Central lol. The weather in the UK can be unpredictable so I bought a jacket along with me. I didn't want the outfit to be completely monochrome so I picked a beige jacket. The gold buttons happen to match the golden tips on my top's collar too which was a bonus! My brogues and satchel are like sisters; I often pair the two together when I go out. I'm nearly always carrying my satchel and because my brogues are pretty much an identical colour, the two go well together and look good with most of my outfits. Anyway, a few more pictures from the day...

Matching gold details

I really like the buttons on my jacket

Pre-posing off-guard photo

The view from the top of my boyfriend's flat

If you couldn't tell already, I was in quite a bloggy mood today (is "bloggy" even a word?!). I never really write about my outfits in detail. Maybe I should try may it a habit? I wonder how many people would actually read it LOL. Anyway, I think I've come to the end of the post; there's only so much I can talk about one outfit.

So what about golden hour and what do I think about it? I actually think we sort of missed it because I got ready pretty slow! If only I was quicker, we could have gone out earlier and maybe have gotten some better shots. Oh least we got to see a pretty sky though :)


  1. I love the details on your outfit!

    1. My too hehee~! It's the little details that can make a plain outfit look just that little bit better ^^

  2. love the pic and your outfit :3

  3. Pretty outfit!
    Love the collar detailing <3

    1. Thank you <3
      Hahaa me too! Without the collar detail I might have just overlooked the top and not bought it lol!

  4. nice outfit, you are pretty^^


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