Sunday, 26 August 2012

Photos from Hong Kong

Hey everyone! As promised, here is a selection of photos I took in Hong Kong! Because I've been going to Hong Kong nearly every year, I didn't go to that many tourist point or landmarks this time round. I mainly shopped and when I'm in shopping mode, I don't think about anything else so I didn't even get any pictures of the stores and malls ( u__u ) I took most of my pictures when walking or on the bus getting to somewhere; most of the photos will be boring somewhat different and random but I guess it'll shows you bits of Hong Kong you don't normally see or notice. This post is VERY picture heavy, so read at your own risk!

View from my Grammie's house. She lives in a village called Shan Tsui in Sha Tau Kok. It's very green and different from the urban skyscrapers you typically see in Hong Kong. This is where I start most of my days during my trip.

Here is the fire station in Sha Tau Kok. My Dad jokes that the firemen's job must be so easy because the town is so quiet and rural nothing really happens xP

Lots of bike. You can't really drive from the villages to get into town so if people aren't walking they'll go by bike.

If you want to by skincare product in Hong Kong, I recommend checking out Watsons. This Watsons must be new because it wasn't here last year when I visited; you have no idea how happy I was to see this! Village life can get a little boring (I'm so Wifi dependent) but it does have it's advantages! Unlike the other Watsons, it's not packed with people and I can shop in this one freely without an assistant following and bugging me hahaa~!

On the bus getting out of the villages. Sha Tau Kok is really mountainous! Look how high they are; they are as high as the clouds!!

The HK version of the thing dogs pee on in American cartoons LOL. I don't know what they're called because we don't have them in the UK ( ^^" ) It looks different for the typical cartoon ones; stupid things like this amazes me sometimes ha. The thing on the bottom right is actually a bus stop. It looks so makeshift right xP

Another view-from-the-bus-shot. Mountains, roads, car and trees.

What a road sign looks like in Hong Kong. Every sign usually has English written on it as well as Chinese which is great for a BBC like me who can't read Chinese very well!

Some very tall flats. You know you're out of the village when you see tall builldings.

This is what a double decker bus looks like in Hong Kong

A picture of a less makeshift bus stop

My only photo of some sort of shopping environment in Hong Kong. I met up with my friend at this mall c: It's call APM and it is BIIIIIG! I sometimes wonder how a place as small as HK can have malls bigger than the ones I go to in the UK. It's crazy!

Building with a rainbow staircase. I thought it looked pretty cool :P

A really nice area in Hong Kong. According to my Mum celebrities live here :o

We went to the beach my friend lives near. We swam in the sea! Was a little scared since I'd never swam in the sea before until that day LOL. It was so fun! The water was really salty though bleh!

Another shot of the beach

Bus station. The red cars in the background are actually taxis.

The path back to the village. And my family :D See those buildings; they're not in Hong Kong. It's actually Mainland China! My Grandma live very close to the border.

Inside the Hong Kong International Airport. We were on our way to Japan that day

Going to the gate for our plane

Ok I lied. I have another picture which I took in another mall. This is a Hello Kitty display in Tai Po's Yata.

The only tourist point I visited: OCEAN PARK!!! We went with my cousins family. I haven't been in years ( ; w ; )

Monkeys. Aren't they the cutest ( >w< ) !

A PANDA!! I've never seen a real one in my life! Well I did according to my parents...but I was very young so I don't really remember it :'D

IT MOVED!! Pandas are stereotyped as being super chilled, lazy and don't move a lot.

It even climbed onto of it's shelter! I guess stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason and not facts lol

I wanted this SO BAD . . . but not enough to carry it around in Hong Kong's humid heat *fail*

We went on the cable carts! I love rides (I went on the one in the background and all the other ones in the theme park :D ), especially the biiiig really extreme ones but for some reason cable carts scares me more...

Getting off the cable carts and stepping into the past. Welcome to Old Hong Kong!

I though these looked real from a distance until I realistic none of them were moving or chirping *derp*. Maybe pet birds were very popular in the past??

Another shot of Old Hong Kong

And another shot!

Looking back at the cable cart...they actually pretty high!!

Seal lion and dolphin shrubs

Oh hi~! This was the building where we saw the pandas and monkeys earlier in the day

The aquarium! Ocean Park would not be an "ocean park" without some sort of fish!

Stingrays and sharks

Spider crabs.

More fish. I find this photo kind of funny because the shark on the right is all like "lalala I'm so happy :D"

Cute souvenir keyrings!

Time Square in Hong Kong. Apparently the mall is pretty good but I've never been in it. This was taken on the extra day we had in Hong Kong because our flight back home had to fly back to Hong Kong because it had problems D: We got a nights stay in a posh holiday in Central and one more day in HK which it sort of cool haha~!

We decided to go and visit Stanley with few hours we had before our flight because we did plan to go there but didn't get around to it. We didn't get to explore all of Stanley but what I saw was pretty cool

Did some googling and the name of this building is called the "Murray House". My Dad said that this building had a lot of history to it and is pretty famous...therefore I took a picture of it lol. Plus it is a nice building and looks cool hehee.

Some pillars. Another example of taking a photo of something just because I though it looked cool. I am so uncultured sometimes ( >__<" )

And that summarizes how I spent my time in Hong Kong (when not shopping). Hope you guys enjoyed the spam! I have one more holiday related post to do which is another haul and then I'm finally done! I will start doing reviews again so stay tune ( n___n )


  1. i wish i can go to hong kong every year!
    haven't been in like...4 years (-_-メ)
    this makes me want to go to ocean park so much!!! >< hehe!
    Krissy xoxo ~

    1. It's sort of become a routine now lol. I want some change so I might not go next year because I want to save up to go visit somewhere else xP
      Hope you can go to Hong Kong soon and go to Ocean Park haha~ :D

  2. Watsons ~ Random but I like how they pronounce it what-son-see. Did you know they purchased Savers!? It was quite a long time ago, I don't know how it works cause Savers is somehow connected with Superdrugs too but they appear as 2 companies.

    Jing Jing I think that's a fire hydrant (the red thing XD). It's cool that you got an extra day in HK! How long did you stay in Hong Kong for? Oh and it looks like the weather was lovely too^^

    1. Hahaa I totally get you! It sometimes rubs off on me too and I start saying it like that when I'm in HK! Wow really?? Man I wish they sold some Asian products in Savers lol.

      Ahh thank you XD Now I can add another word to my vocabulary LMAO~! Yeah it was sorta cool but my family and I was really tired since our flight was in the early morning :'D My holiday was 17 days long including that extra day but I spent 3 days in Japan. Wish we could've stayed for longer so things didn't have to be so rushed lol. It looks nice but it's actually really humid and hot! And when it rains it REALLY rains! But still, anything is better than the British weather we have right :L

  3. Fire hydrants! You don't have those in UK? Wow, learn something new every day! and aaa sealion shrubs! SO MANY BIKES. That mall looks sososo different from american ones haha! much more colorful I guess. I found it interesting how there's all asians at the beach but then I was like wait, HK beach .. OF COURSE! haha. I want to go to HK now .. `-` Looks like loads fun! ♥

    and in reply to your comment, it's a sweet tea candy! It's really really good and it's like minty and refreshing and then it's like herbal tea flavored but not the bitter kind xD Thanks for visiting my blog xo

    1. I had to google it and yes we do~! However we have signs instead which mark where the fire hydrants are underground so that's why I never see them. I see the signs all the time, just never really knew what they meant LOL. I really am learning something new everyday xD Ahh really? I've never been to America before but malls are pretty plain here too. I prefer the look of malls in HK c:

      I knew it! I like the orange version :P And no problem!

  4. wow~ i wish to visit HK someday~ heheh~ wanna shop for skincare and cosmetics there and the food~ ^_^

    1. Hope you wish comes true!! It really is shopping paradise :D

  5. Wahh~ I haven't been to Hong Kong in a long time. >u< Every time I go back, I visit mainland China. ;u;

    Oh~ And like Queenie mentioned, the things that dogs pee on in cartoons are called fire hydrants. c: Didn't know that those don't exist in the UK! o:

    I LOVE photos like the ones you took - not really the tourist-y places, but just what you'd expect in "everyday" Hong Kong. c: Of course, the random photos are nice too. xD

    Where your grandma lives looks really nice and clean~ This sounds kind of bad, but its almost hard to believe that it's Hong Kong (I mean it in a really good way though). @~@

    1. Ooo really?? I'm sort of the parents always think about visiting Mainland China but we never get around to it ^^"

      I feel so dumb not knowing the name of it haha! Turns out we do have them in the UK but we have them underground :L

      Thanks :3 I didn't know if people wanted to see random everyday photos of HK but turns out a lot of people seem to be interested :'D

      Yeah it is nice~! It quiet and very peaceful so you can get a goods night sleep...unless you have a mosquito in the room. That is the worse XD

  6. Oh my gosh...these pictures are wonderful. I wish I could visit Hong Kong one day!
    Those pandas are so cute! They remind me of those panda squishables - have you ever seen them? They're like a ball of lovable fluff. :)

    ♥ x i x i a |

    1. Glad you like them ^^
      I know right haha! I really wish I bought one now :')

  7. Your pictures are so exquisite! >3< They make me miss Hong Kong so much! I have visited only once and fell in love~! But I have never visited Ocean Park ;____; its so nice that you get to visit Hong Kong every year.

    1. It is a pretty amazing place :)
      Ahh really?! If you ever go again you should go to Ocean Park! My cousin who live in Hong Kong go every year...lucky things xD
      I guess so but because I've gone so many times I don't get as excited as I used too ^^" I'm thinking about not going next year as I want to save up and maybe go somewhere else. Hopefully next time when I decide to visit HK I'll be excited again c:

  8. Wow I love your photography!!! I actually live in Okinawa, Japan which is is very close to Hong Kong so I'm trying to take a trip there myself in the next few years. Your pictures just make me more excited to plan my trip! Awesome post! <3

    1. Thanks you!! Hope you get to go to Hong Kong in the near future :D

  9. Omg, you make me really miss Hong Kong. You're so lucky to go nearly every year!! ><" haha, i think it's nice to not be in central hong kong, you wake up to a nice scenery... i wake up to road, people, buses and other apartments ==" HK architects are really space savy! So much things in such a small amount of space. I've never been to Ocean park but it looks awesome! Is old Hong Kong inside it??

    1. I actually sometimes want to stay out side a village because it's so far away from everything lol. We also have a lot of bugs and the frogs come out when it rains which I hate D: However, my grandma is old so she wants to see us as much as possible so village it is ^^ I guess staying in a rural and urban area both have their advantages :P
      Wow you never been to Oceean Park?! You should definitely go one day! And yeah Old hong Kong is part of the park :)

  10. Ooooooh you live near Mui~!! :D So many pictures of Ocean Park >O<~! Ahh, looking at your photos makes me miss HK even though I've just came back LOL C:

    1. Haha no way really?!
      Yeah I went a bit snap happy in Ocean Park LOL! I hadn't been there in years :'D
      Wow you stayed in HK for a loooong time!! I've been back in the UK for more than a month xD

  11. i think hong kong is kinda of a nice place for us to visit

    1. It is!! If you have the chance you should visit it :D

  12. I wish I could see a panda in real life

  13. Great shots sweety.. i love it!
    hopefully i get there.. lol :)
    let's follow each other..

    1. Thank you :D
      Thanks for the follow too! Will check out your blog and see :)

  14. I really enjoyed this post! I so badly want that panda keyring there its so adorable! And it feels like I've been to Hongkong too after reading this. Hehehe. Seriously, that panda really caught my attention! I was staring at the panda for the longest time. hehe

    and yes, my friends are the best for me.<3 Thanks for visiting my blog!:* xoxo

    1. Glad you liked reading it :D
      Haha you sound a bit panda-obsessed but I don't blame you, pandas really are cute and awesome!
      And no problem! Thank you for stopping by mine too ^_^

  15. It looks really fun! I've never been to HK before :(
    I want to see a Panda!

    1. Maybe one day you will be able to go! Then you can see a panda c:


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