Monday, 3 September 2012

Liebster Award and Snippits from Today

Hey guys! I'm in a really bloggy mood at the moment so I've decided to do this "Leibster Award" tag which Sheri nominated me for ages ago! Thanks girl! we go~!


1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer
3. Choose 11 people and tag them in your post.

4. Go to their page and tell them!
5. No tag backs!


11 facts about me which I haven't shared yet in my other tagged posts *struggles*

1. I can crack my shoulders really loud and love it. I know it's bad but damn it feels so good when I crack them! It's like it releases all the tension in my joints!

2. I really want to get some burgundy coloured pieces in my wardrobe for autumn

3. I have eczema. I had it as a kid, it disappeared for most of my teenage years but it came back and was really bad to a point my skin would weep and bleed from me itching. It's not as bad now but I want it to go away D:<

4. I abbreviate "outfit of the day" as "OFOTD" instead of "OOTD" because I think OOTD looks weird...I just don't like the look of it

5. I'm pretty self-conscious about my teeth. I used to have braces because my teeth used to be really bucked. However they were taken off early so my teeth were still slightly bucked. Then my retainer broke and the dentist refused to contact the orthodontist to give me a new one so my teeth moved even more!! My teeth aren't that bad now but to know they could've been more straight if they continued my treatment or replaced my retainer bugs me a lot!

6. I've never written a proper CV. I've only worked in my family friend's Chinese restaurant and my Dad's takeaway so I've never had to write one. Ahhh stereotypes!!

7. I don't have a dream job and don't think I'll have one anytime soon. I just want a job that I don't hate, covers me financially and can get me my own place eventually in the future. Some people tell me to be more ambitions. I'm just being realistic.

8. I recently tried cloudy lemonade for the first time. THAT STUFF IS THE BOMB

9. I used to do a blog series kind of thing called "Jing-Jing's Junk". In those posts I'd write about cool stuff I find when I tidy my room but stopped since I started uni and not living at home. I still suck at tidying xD

10. Whilst typing this post, I accidentally pressed refresh and I've just lost half the stuff I typed. I hate it when this happens ( =____=" )

11. I don't like walking in the dark alone. I get paronoid that someone's following me so I walk really quick! Yeah . . . I'm still scary of the dark :'D


Question Time!

1. Favourite song to dance to?
I don't really dance (unless I'm drunk at a club) but Gangnam Style kind of gets me going LOL

2. Do you have any pets?
Nope. My Dad used to have goldfishes though.

3. Go up to a door. What's your first instinct: push or pull? (that's what she said)
Push. Pulling seems to need more effort.

4. What foreign language would you like to learn that you don't already know?
Japanese! I know the old phrases from watching anime in the past but going to Japan made me want to be fluent!

5. Would you rather move schools or move countries?
I don't go to school anymore so countries! My boyfriend and I actually got pretty into finding the requirements out the how to move to Australia for after uni. It's just a dream at the moment but who knows!

6. Which is more important to you: Mascara or Eyeliner?

7. Concealer or foundation?
I don't actually use either very much anyone more (too lazy) unless it's a special occasion but foundation! If you get a full coverage one it can double up as concealer ;D

8. Do you prefer taking photos or videos?
Photos! My boyfriend studies Film and Video so he would just put me to shame ( TT____TT )

9. Favourite beauty guru on youtube?
I really like jungsaemmool! So pro and I like the tune she has in her videos. It's relaxing hehee.

10. Best dream and worst nightmare ever?
I always get dreams where my teeth fall out and I choke on my tongue. It's probably more of a nightmare because it's not a nice dream. I have it so often I can snap myself out of the dream and wake myself up :\ Best dream though is when I fly! I like getting those because the scenery is always nice ( n___n )

11. Why do you like blogging?
I like blogging because I find it relaxing. I like doing review because not only does it let people know what a product is like but it's also a record for me so I remember whether a product is good or bad. Sometimes I forget! I also like doing outfit posts so I remember what coords look nice or avoid so I can switch up my outfits. Finally, I like blogging because you can make friends! I've met some really cool and nice people on here c:


Tag 11 people

I sort of picked blogs that I've recently discovered slash really enjoy reading. I did try my best to tag newer blogs though :3 Will change the URL to names later...or maybe not if I'm lazy lol.

[edited] Just realized: I can't count. I tagged 12 people. I just wanna tag everybody! Feeling free to do this tag if even if you're not on the list. It'd be cool if you left a link in the comment section so I can read them!


Now my questions to the bloggers!

1. Tell me one of your bad habits

2. If you had to be an animal what would it be

3. Favour dessert?

4. Tea or coffee?

5. What colour is your underwear HAHAAHAA

6. Do you believe in horoscopes?

7. What's your favourite fruit?

8. How many bedrooms does your house/flat/where you are living have?

9. What is the most you are willing to spend on one item of clothing?

10. What beauty product can you not live without?

11. What's the time?


I don't like it when posts lacks pictures so here are some random photos from today I snapped on my phone when out with mi familia~!

Hello Kitty Dictionary in WHSmith

Some free cookies I claimed because I'm on O2. They were sooo yummyyyy!!

A Stila product...IN POUNDLAND?! WTF for real?!

Look at all the sweeties! My family and I then went shopping in a wholesales store to get me and my brother some stuff for uni.

Stocking up on Asian snacks because I can't get it anywhere else

My only loot from today. I got this from Poundland. Going to use this as my new travel make up bag. I lost my last one...with my make up I always use inside it. I think I it dropped out of my bag on a coach when I was going to sort out stuff for my new house ( ; ___ ; )

So how was your day guys??
By the way I took some photos of my outfit today so an outfit post is on it's way :D


  1. I'm currently learning Japanese (slowly though) but I haven't been yet. Really want to go, but it's not so easy when you live about as far away from Japan as you can get. Except maybe Bermuda.

    1. I know what you's always easier to learn a language when you're in a country that speaks it. Hope you get visit Japan one day :)

  2. Hahaha, i know the feeling (i'm not very ambitious either == even what I do at uni.. im doing coz it was intriguing at first but its not my dream 'job'/career path~) haha, so nice knowing all these different things about you! ^^

    1. Yeah all my friends seem to be so driven and talk about taking master degrees. Then there's just me that's just wants to finish my course and get a job asap and live life lol

  3. Thank you for tagging me! <3 I appreciate it a lot and I hope to make a post about this soon!

    TBH, I don't have a dream job too. What I thought was to get a decent job in Japan and hopefully settle there. :3 Besides us, I don't think I know someone who doesn't have a specific dream job. Kkkk!

    I really had fun reading your About Me. I wanna learn Japanese too. :3

    1. No problem Kristen :D
      I think there's so much pressure for people to get a good education to get a good job that's good pay people over look that money isn't everything *sigh*. I'm glad I'm not the only that thinks this!! I've only come across one person that gets how I think about jobs IRL xD

  4. Thank you for tagging me! Did the tag!

    cloudy lemonade? You should take a picture next time cause I'd like to see this :D
    Everyone gets paranoid in the dark unless you're the stalker HAHA
    gangnam style gets you going LOOL ♥
    POUNDLAND I was thinking about it and I was like, OH POUNDS THE CURRENCY OMG OH. I was very amused.
    lots of snacks oooo

    My day is going good so far, I'm making a summer bucket list of things to do before school starts HAHA

    1. Ohh sweet I'll check it out in a mo~!
      Haha the cloudy leomonade I had wasn't that special looking xD Just came in a standard plastic bottle. It was a supermarket's own brand too lol but daaaamn it was so nice!!
      Yes pounds is the currency over here looool!
      Hope you get all the things on your list done ^__^

  5. Thanks for the nomination!
    I love all the burgundy pieces I've been seeing around! You should definitely get some into your closet XD
    Cloudy lemonade? Never tried it before - and now I'm curious about it~ Is it much different to normal lemonade?

    1. No problem Tulip ^^
      Yeah I know right!! I love the colour too so I'm gonna buy some when I'm a little less broke LOL
      It's yummier in my opinion! Might have just been the brand but yes it is different from normal lemonade!

  6. Thank you for the tag chick! WIll do it when I have some free time! :P

    Aaah, cracking your shoulders would totally freak me out. The sound is so horrible!! hahaha. And gangnam style is brilliant. It was played on the radio here in the UK the other day. Crazzy right?! Have you tried the dance?! Get all the boys in the club ;)

    Gaah, that food trolly looks so good too. Glad to see you didn't miss out the pocky! ^_~ Have a fab weekend!! :D

    1. No problemo~!
      Hahaa whenever I do it I have to make sure people are OK with it! I think most of my friends have gotten used to it though LOL
      Gangnam Style was on the radio :O ?! That's so craaaaze! Hahaa yeah I think everyone has! Can't wait to bust them moves when I next go partying ;D


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