Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nature Secret's Super Aqua AO6 Formula Purifying Bubble Cleanser Review

Hi hi~! Today we will be looking at this Korean cleanser with a long name that's a mouthful to say lol. However, before I get into that, I have a few things I want to say:

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OK! Now that's out of the way, let the reviewing begin!

  • Contains Antioxidant AO6 (Rosehip, Blackberry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed, Acai Berry, Elder Berry) and pineapple, lemon, rosemary, Japanese apricot flower and lotus extract - Removes oxygen free radical and helps prevent skin aging
  • SLES free and paraben free - Less irritant to skin; removes pollutant in pores with soft, rich bubble
  • With polyphenol, green tea extract and lavender extract - Help to relax and refresh your skin
Sounds like a cocktail that will smell like a dream and will do a lot of good for the skin doesn't it?

The pump. To be honest it a pretty crap pump

The "rich bubbles". WTF is this shiz?!

Pumped it a few more times after shaking the bottle. There is no hope.

Maybe it's because I've tried out better foam/bubble cleansers; I thought this product's "bubbles" sucked big time! I don't think Nature Secret's should've called this a "bubble cleanser". Half the time I pump it it doesn't even foam the cleanser and just spits out liquid. Being somebody that's hooked on the whole cleansing with foam craze I was pretty disappointed ( =__=" )

So enough about the bubbles; did this product actually work me? Unfortunately, no. When I switched to this cleanser I felt like it wasn't washing my face good enough. My skin didn't feel clean after each wash. The more I used this cleanser, the drier my skin got. I thought I just needed to get used to the product but my skin was still getting dry after three weeks of using this cleanser every day and night. I ended up having to switch back to the cleanser I was previously using.

A thing that I really don't like about this product is the packaging. Yes it looks cute at first but it is a nightmare! Not only does the pump not foam up the cleanser, the bottle leaks no matter how tight you think you've screwed the pump on! This bottle leaked in my bag after purchasing it. At first I thought it was because I didn't screw the pump back on properly after smelling the product in store but it also leaked in my suitcase on the way back from my holiday! I wasn't planning on using this cleanser so soon but because it leaks I thought that I'd better finish it.

So the summary...

Good Points

~ It smell really really nice!
~ The packaging looks clean and cute.
~ Can't remember the exact price but it was cheaper than most cleansers

Bad Points

~ Dried out my skin
~ Doesn't make my face feel cleansed after using it
~ Pump can't foam up the cleanser to save it's life
~ Bottle leaks so it's not travel friendly at all
~ Not available in my country

Would I repurchase this product? Definitely not. I don't know if it's just because I got a "bad one" but I didn't enjoy using this product. I really did love the smell but over time the aroma therapy wears off and you just realizes that this product is just doesn't work for you. I guess it's cheap for a reason...


  1. aww, despite its long name, it ends up to be a failed cleanser.. >_<

    1. I know right!! All those amazing claims...maybe this cleanser does live up to them for somebody else out there. I wish I was one of those people :'D

  2. Thx for the review...Never herad of this brand but prob there is a reason for that.

    By the way, I am having a giveaway...hope you'll get a chance to check it out ^_^

    1. Yeah I've never sent it before until I bought it! I have a cleansing oil from them too; really hope it's not as bad as this cleanser when I come to using it D:

      And ooo cool will have to take a look c:


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