Tuesday, 4 September 2012

OFOTD: Anti-summer

My outfit from yesterday. I only have one good shot of this outfit so sorry for the lack of photos in advance (not that I usually have load of photos in my outfit posts anyway). You know when you take loads of photos of yourself and 99 percent of them look bad? Well that happened to me yesterday!!

My one good photo

~ Denim-like Shirt - Hong Kong
~ Black Denim Shorts - Altered from old trousers
~ Studded Buckle Boots - Deichmann
~ Leopard Bag - EG Fashion (HK Store)

The shirt I'm wearing was actually my Mum's but she had second thoughts on it so she gave it to me. Not going to complain since I love the denim trend! It was really cold a few days ago but then it got really sunny yesterday for some reason. The colours of this outfit isn't as summery as I usually dress because I'm pretty anti-summer now. I was only just starting to get excited to dress for autumn! To show my anti-summer-ness I paired the shirt with black and grey pieces. I even decided to bust out my ankle boots. I never wear boots in summer!!

Closer look of the shirt. I love the acid-washed faux-pockets and yolk! It's subtly edgy

My booties. They're kind of scuffed and beat. But that's OK. It goes with the whole being subtly edge thing I had going on.

I don't actually hate summer don't get me wrong. I do love the sun! I just wished that the weather in here wasn't so bipolar.

What's your favourite season guys??


  1. I enjoy winter because it's like airconditioning all day in your homes! LOL and I do like snuggling in my blankets. Summer: too sweaty, Spring: Allergies, Autumn: rainy and wet :/ But I guess every season has it's ups and downs

    1. Yeah winter is always good for being cozy in warm clothes and blankets! Ahh I really don't like autumn when it rains too. Dry autumn (and winter) days are awesome though! I love the feeling of the cold on my face but then I'm all warm in my coat =w=

  2. I love autumn! : D I love fall clothes! : D

  3. I love winter (and autumn.. ish minus all the prickles that fall off the tree ==) ; im not too keen on the summer considering how hot it'll get but i look forward to the new trends ^^ hahaha,

    1. Wuuuh but I love the leaves in autumn!! Only when they're dry though. When they get wet they go all gross D:
      When a new season is coming I get excited about changing my wardrobe too~!

  4. Really cute outfit the booties are really cute...

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  5. Very edgy outfit. :] I love your boots!

  6. We only have two seasons here and my fave is Autumn! I hope it snows here though because I kinda like those furry clothes and boots. ;3

    I like your OOTD. Esp the boots :3

    1. I forget some places only have two seasons!
      Thanks!! I love them a lot too but I think I need a new pair because they're pretty battered since I wear them a lot xP

  7. Love your style, Super cute outfit



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