Monday, 24 September 2012

Photo Spam: This Week

Hi hi!! Today I finally found some time to sit down and do a proper blog entry. Recently I've been sorting out the new house, catching up with friend and getting used to living away from home and being independent again (I miss my mummy's cooking LOL) so I haven't really been in a blogging mood recently ( >.<" )

Anyway, to ease me back into blogging I'm going to spam you guys with some photos to show what I've been getting up to with my life this week. Most photos are from my photo so I'm sorry the quality isn't as good as usual. Some photos are also from instagram so if you've seen them already I'm sorry for repeating myself ( ^__^" )

Starting this post of with some mild foodporn. A bacon sandwich I had for breakfast.

Camwhoring whilst waiting for my sandwich. I have such a bitchy face here LOL

Clarence Pier in Portsmouth. Had to help my Brother move into his uni so my boyfriend and I told the opportunity to hit the arcades! Sort of needed a reward and to make our journey worth something since we had to travel for 7+ hour ( @___@ )

I won this Hello Kitty on a claw machine only a few minutes before we had to leave to catch our coach and after numerous tries and money wasted on the machine :'D

Penguin couple keychains ( ^3^ )

The machine I won the penguin keychains from (plus a bunny one). See that bunny keychain still in the machine that's so close to dropping down the hole? I know it's pretty much the same as the one I won but it's a slightly lighter shade of pink and I was trying to that one from the start! never won it because I ran out of 2p. Life is cruel ( ; __ ;" )

Bed. We couldn't get a coach back on the same day after dropping of my brother, we decided to book a hotel room out. This is probably the coolest hotel I've ever stayed in!!

The other side of the room. I loooove the purple and white colour scheme!! I wish my bedroom looked like this *sigh*

FREE CUPCAKES!! It's the little things that makes a difference!

Bath stuff. The fact that it's labelled "Baroque" makes it seem more fancy and luxurious.

The hotel's name is "G! Boutique" so instead of room numbers they were words beginning with the letter G like glittering, graceful and gorgeous. Our room was glamorous :D

A wall in the corridor. Pretty cool huh?

A really cool chair in the lobby. Another example of the many cool things in the hotel.

Ooooo cool!

Ooooo this is cool too!

So is this!

Erhmerhgerd what a cool painting.



*OK enough of the hotel spam* Mmmmmm doughnuts! For the journey back.

Random photo of the coach. I've never been on a coach at night so I found the lights pretty awesome.

GEEK NIGHT. Got to wear my Hello Kitty frames out. My friend let me borrow her ring to match :3

My boyfriend got us matching Adventure Time tops as a surprize~!

OFOTD with my dude hehee.

And that's my week! Probably going to be the most interesting week in a while. I have to go into uni tomorrow to get my timetable and summer project reviewed so wish me luck!


  1. Aww.! The last picture is really cute~ Is he your boyfriend? :DD

    OMG. The hotel room was very pretty! I didn't white and purple would look good together. :3

    And that bacon sandwich sure look yummy! Now I'm hungry. lolol xoxo ♥

    1. Yeah he's my boyfriend ^__^
      The hotel was really amazing! I wish I could live in it but that would be so expensive LOL!
      I'm sorry I made you hungry XD

  2. You. Guys. Are. TOO. CUTE. /explodes/
    And I enjoyed your hotel captions "cool. cool. SO VERY COOL. AND THIS IS COOL TOO!" haha I enjoyed it! ♥
    MATCHING OUTFITS AAA HADGKHSDGSD ♥ oh my gosh you guys are my favorite couple that I will stalk like celebrity couples. +_+
    oh and those penguin keychains! too cute and arcade games hate me and I just end up losing more than I won .. :(

    1. THE HOTEL WAS TOOOO COOL! As soon as we got there we were like "erhmerhgerd let's take pictures of ALL the things in this hotel" haha!!
      LMAO thanks but um . . . that's kinda creepy Queenie LOL
      Ahh I'm sorry to hear about that ><" Tbh most machines are a rigged. They will only give you prizes when a certain amount of money has been paid in :'D

  3. We hardly have arcades around here. More like pizza place with Ms. Pacman

    1. Ahh really?? That's a shame >_<
      I've been lucky enough to grow up near the seaside where there are arcades plus have a dad that likes going to the them often so I went a lot as a kid ^^

  4. the hotel is so cool and cute especially the little things they included, really pretty ^_~

    1. I know right! We hadn't eaten all day that day so seeing those cupcakes were definitely a big plus for us :D

  5. waaaaaa i want that room but in pink black and white. hihihih :) new follower her :)

    1. Oooo that sounds like such a cute colour scheme!!
      Thanks for following me c:


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