Saturday, 1 September 2012

Photos from Holiday (THERE'S MORE?!)

Yes there is!! I forgot I had snapped some more photos on my phone during my holiday so here they are ( ^__^ )

Display of the Hello Kitty toys you could get at McDonalds

Sneak shot of a McDonald's worker in uniform. There were other versions too but I couldn't snap them all because that'd be a bit too stalkerish. I'd happily flip burgers just to get one of those Tshirts LOL

A lot of McDonald's in Hong Kong have a "McCafe" section that basically serves things like coffee and cakes (a bit like Starbuck). Not sure if it's just HK that have this. Do you guys have McCafe where you're from because we don't in the UK!!

Drinking watermelon mixing with aloe vera jelly at Hui Lau Shan. My friend was raving about this place but I didn't really see the hype. My drink tasted ok...the watermelon wasn't very sweet and the presentation was bleh (the pictures on the menu look so much more better!). Maybe I was just unlucky and was served a bad one. I didn't go back because it's kind of expensive and I didn't wanna be let down again ( =w=" )

Hello Kitty tissues. I will give you £1m (if I had that sort of money lol) if you manage to go to Hong Kong and NOT see this cat. She is EVERYWHERE xD

You like my ride? Just being silly in Japan hehee~

What you get in the Happy Meals in the McDonald's in Japan. This post is making me look like I only ate in McDonald's during my holiday LOL

Grabby machine in Sanrio Puroland! The was a lot of them and I seriously wanted to try all of them but I knew I'd lose so much money :'D

Another grabby machine~! Hello Kitty x Union Jack

My hug wasn't big enough for this big Hello Kitty :c

Pompompurin sofa :3

Hello Kitty lashes  )

Super Mario Converse One Stars. Sooo cool!!

And back in Hong Kong. This shop's name is just jokes X'D

Hello Kitty x Vans. This baby shoe is smaller than my hand *daawwh*

Meal coupons for breakfast at our hotel for when our flight home had to turn and go back to Hong Kong. It was an all you can eat buffet so I'm not complaining!

Aaaand that should be the last of my holiday photos! Next post will shows the rest of my holiday haul! Sorry for delaying it for those who've been waiting. I'm currently not at home and I've realized I didn't snap all of the things I bought while writing the post. Will get those pictures and publish this haul post in a few days so please bear with me ( ; w ;" )


  1. Hello kitty omfg <3 that cat was everywhere in China too haha~
    There are mccafes in Canada too~ I didn't know UK didn't have those! o: I know Paris has McCafes as well.

    Also, that white dress you're wearing us really cute~ >u<

    Can't want for your haul post!

    1. Haha I think shes everywhere in Asia! In fact I think she's taking over the world because quite a lot of Hello Kitty stuff gets sold here in the UK too now!!
      Ahh really?! Wow McDonald's here are missing out LOL
      And thanks! I'm gonna miss wearing it since it's starting to get colder now :\
      Will try to get my haul post done by Monday ^__^

  2. That pic where you were hugging the giant Hello Kitty was really adorable! :3

    And thank you! I was really happy yesterday because of the teeny weeny moments of our bags. When I get enough courage then maybe I would. ^^

    1. Hahaa I need bigger arms to give her a proper hug x'D

      Ahh it's the little moments that makes us happy!! Best of luck when you do~! I'm supporting you all the way ( ^__^ )v

  3. facebox? I don't how zuckerberg feels about that.

  4. HK Puroland looks like soo much fun! I love claw machines(easiest way to waste money) and we have a lot of McCafes here in the states. Every McDonald's has one. Only a few have a designated area like that, but they all sell coffee, frappes, iced coffee, smoothies and other drinks. I've never seen them sell cakes :| I also wish McDonald's here had HK toys. I'd buy the kiddie meals and give them to my nephews and niece(or little brother) just for the toys. >.<

    1. Ahh same! I nearly always go one them when I hit to arcades eventhough I know they're usually rigged xD
      Wow it seems like everywhere but to UK has McCafes!!

  5. We have a McCafe here but not a cafe cafe. You can just order coffee and drinks etc there but not exactly a cafe. Food always look better in menus that they do in real life! >:C I would've used all my money on those claw machines oh my god. LOL and facebox? HAHA! That pudding sofa. Everything's so cute but too many things to look at, I'd get dizzy. D8 Looks like loads fun and it was fun to read/look at too! ♥

    1. Ahh I see..our McDonald's here do serve cafe-ish stuff like muffins and hot chocolate but it's not by McCafe. Just McDonald's lol.
      Glad you enjoyed reading and looking :D

  6. omg hello kitty overload <3

  7. AHAHAHAH u are so cute. that's an awesome... bike/rail thingy? XD also, we have mc cafe's here in NZ! :D im amazed the UK doesnt have any =/

    1. Yeah I think you're meant to lock bikes on it XD
      I'm starting to think it's just the UK that doesn't have McCafes and McDonald's have something against us . . .


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