Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Review

It's review time!! Today we will be looking at the Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream. This review has be on my to-review list for daaays! I'm sorry it took so long. I don't usually were face make up anymore due to lazily. I only really wear it when I'm going to a special occasion or when I want to camwhore LOL. Today I happened to want the camwhore (you'll see why at the end of the post). I decided to use this BB cream so I can finally write a review on it.

I purchased this BB cream because at the time I wanted to try a new one since the previous ones I had tried failed to impress me.

Bare faced. Hello pores and redness!!

After make up. Goodbye pores but the redness of my spot remains

BB cream on the left. Naked face on the right

I'd say this BB cream has a light to medium coverage. It doesn't cover everything but the coverage is decent enough for my standards. It's good to have a little naturalness shine through; nobody's perfect. Because of it's lighter coverage I feel like I have no make up on when wearing this BB cream which is a plus. The shade is a little light for me but then I am a little tanned at the moment. I think it would match my skin pretty well when I get paler. This BB cream doesn't dry out my face which is good but it a little on the greasy side since it's made my nose oil a bit more than usual. I didn't test it with powder on top but I'd recommend it. So to summarize (with a few more extra points) for lazy readers...

Good Points

~ Covers my pores
~ Feels like I have no make up on. Natural look FTW!
~ Doesn't dry out my skin
~ Has a pump so hygienic
~ Comes with a tint for cheeks and lips
~ The undertone isn't as grey like most BB creams on the market
~ SPF 25 PA++ to protect you from the sun

Bad Points

~ Redness not covered completely (medium coverage may not be high enough for some)
~ It may be too oily for some people
~ Doesn't match my skin tone at the moment

All in all this BB cream is pretty good! Better than the ones I've used in the past. I don't hate it but then at the same time I don't love it. Would I by it again? Probably not because I'd probably try to find a better BB cream if I needed a new one. I'm also trying to improve my skin's condition and focusing on skincare more nowadays so hopefully I'll have skin so near perfect I don't need to use any face make up anymore *dreams on*

Hope this review helps!


So I mentioned I camwhore today! Why? Because . . .

I have a fringe now!! (aka bangs for you international readers out there~)

I cut it myself yesterday *proud* What do you guys think?

I like having a fringe in the colder seasons because I can't have it in the warmer weather. My forehead sometimes getting too sweaty from the heat and it makes my fringe look gross in I have one ( @___@ )

My seductive face LOL

Ending on a normal looking photo.

Vain girls (and guys), raise your hands if you enjoy camwhoring!
How often do you do it hahaa~?


  1. I bought this too! : D : D I haven't had a chance to enjoy this, but I definitely will!

    1. Oooo really?? I hope you like it when you come to trying it :D

  2. Cute fringe!! ^^
    And nice review! I love bb creams :)

    1. Thank you~!
      Not sure if I love BB creams yet. Haven't tried enough to know ^^"

  3. I enjoyed the review and your pictures! You're so cute and pretty. :3

    I have a fringe too. :3

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and awww thanks ^///^
      Yay join the fringe cute xP

  4. sad thing that its not covers all redness =/

    heheh your ''seductive face'' looks cute xDD

    1. Yeah it is a bit isn't it ><"
      Hahaa I fail at being seductive XD

  5. Nice seductive face! hahaha ♥

    I bought this before and it got lost in the mail .. but yeah!

    I think it matches your skin tone but just a little lighter, but it's not that light. I bought the skin79 orange and it is waywaywaywayway too light. I got a little container and mixed some of the orange with missha's 32 (since I had a little sample of it) and then it looked right for my skin but aaa

    1. It's not very seductive to be honest :L
      Ahh that must have sucked!! I recently (well not really) mailed a parcel to someone and it turns out they never got it after like three month D: The post can be stupid ¬__¬
      Mixing is the way to go when a face product doesn't match your skin tone!

  6. Seems like a decent product, it covered your redness really well!
    I'd mix this with a foundation my color ;3

    1. Yeah it is pretty good. Way better than the other BB creams I've tried!
      Ooo I sometimes do that too :D


    AHHH I have this bb cream too! For me though, I found it to be super thick and kind of hard to use o.o I'm gonna test it out again during Winter though, since I stupidly bought it during the summer when my ski, was a lot darker too, so I looked like a geisha LOL.

    1. Hahaa thank you :'D

      Ahh it's a shame you didn't like it! Hope it works out for you when you try it again and not look like a geisha XP


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