Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Miscellaneous Holiday Haul

The second part of my holiday haul; aka the non-beauty products part of my haul. If you want to see all the beauty products I bought in the first part for my haul, please feel free to click here to check out the post I did on it. For those that want to see the rest of my haul, continue scrolling :D

Japanese fashion magazines; JJ, With, ViVi, Mina and Popteen. Only JJ and Popteen are in actual Japanese. The others are in Chinese heh. I always buy fashion magazines when I go back to Hong Kong because I prefer them to magazines back at home (not that I can read them...I prefer the fashion styles heh)

More magazines! These were all FREE!! Yes you heard it right! FREE! I got these all in Japan. When you go take the subway in Tokyo you'll most likely pass some racks of magazines which you can help yourself too. I grabbed all the fashion looking ones LOL. Was super excited when I saw there was one with Tsu-chan on I literally ran.

It's meeee~! Got this done at Sanrio Puroland hence the Sanrio characters in the corners. Everything was so expensive there but I didn't want to leave empty handed. Then I spotted a lady that was doing some really cute caricatures! I've always wanted to get one done and her style was cute so I thought why not :D

Purikuras with my little (not so little) Brother! Excuse the out-of-focus-ness on the top pictures. It's on purpose. It was our first photo and we were really noobish and accidentally pressed confirm instead of retake so we ended up looking really derp haha! You can sort of see our stupid wasn't meant to be a serious shot ( =w=" )

Snoopy coin. Not sure if I've shared this on my blog but I like Snoopy. A LOT. I got this at the Character Street in Tokyo...from'd never guess...Snoopy Store *gasp*

A maiko mirror! This isn't actually supposed to be mine lol. My parents got one each for the part time workers at our shop. However one of the girls decided not to turn up the day we re-opened after our holiday and never turned up again on the other days she said she would work. I had to turn down my summer job I'd just got to do her shifts. Bitch. *rant over* Oh well, her lose, she missed out on getting this ultra cute mirror xD

Pair of Ray-Bans. Because I've had my previous pair of glasses for more than 2 years, it was time to get another pair!

Kitty frames! A useless purchase but perfect for camwhoring haha!

My Hello Kitty toys I got from McDonald's. There were more...but I wasn't in Hong Kong long enough to collect them all ( TT____TT )

Quack Kitty

Ribbit Kitty

Free gift from Watsons. You'd think it'd be some sort of hair or skincare product because it's says Garnier...


It's cutlery haha~!

More kitchen stuff. I made the mistake of not buying any when I started uni last year so I decided to get some. I have this thing where I need stuff to match so everything is blue. My peeler has a face on it :3

Cookie cutters because I've been getting into baking whilst in uni! And an apple slicer. I saw one of these on an episode of Xiaxue's Guide to Life. It looked so cool on her show so when I saw it in I had to buy! Been back home for so long but I haven't had the chance to test it ( >__<" )

Finally, saving the best (in my opinion) til last! My new bowls and dishes! My Auntie got these for me because I said I seriously needed some as I was surviving on only one plate and three bowls in uni. I didn't have enough for guests!! So I asked for some cute ones and that's exactly what I got! Man I love my Auntie :'D

Bird's eye view of the dishes' design

Close up of the boy's side

And the girl's side

Can't wait to use them!!

And this post is the last of my holiday related posts! Until I go on holiday again, which won't be in a long while *sigh*. Time has flown so quick, I'm already moving into my new house with my friends for uni next week!! Not sure if I'll be able to blog as much during uni as I am a professional procrastinator. Have quite a few things I want to review and I'm going out with my family tomorrow so there's a potential for an outfit post there...hopefully I can squeeze in all these posts before I go~!


  1. Lovely haul ^__^ Hihi I also have that kitty frames n.n Seems like you had a great trip! :)

    1. Haha those frames are pretty popular at the moment aren't they :D

  2. *w* JJ and POPTEEN, i love this mag !

    1. I love then too! Japanese magazines are the best ^^

  3. the cutlery is soooo cute! I want =)


    1. Hahaa! I really hope I don't break though >__<

  4. Love those dishes and I have a thing for dishes, bowls, plates as well! Cutlery is needed for uni? Wow I didn't know that .. I think I would've forgotten too. :x I enjoyed reading this post a lot!

    1. Ahh I thought it was just me and I was weird xD I like anything cute to be honest lol! Yeah you pretty much need everything for uni. Dishes, washing up powder, laundry basket. Everything! You're pratically moving into a new house in uni xP
      Glas you enjoyed reading Queenie <3

  5. Looks like you had fun!
    I love all your cute buys :)

    1. It was very fun!
      I'm a sucker for cute things >w<"

  6. Replies
    1. I wish I live in Asia so I can buy the magazines regularly hehee~
      Ahh don't pull a sad makes me feel bad >.<

  7. aww the bowls and plates are so cute!

  8. The designs on the dishes are so cute! All your haul items look so adorable haha. That Snoopy coin looks great though (a huge Snoopy fan)!

    1. I just can't resist cute things and have to buy them :'3
      Sweet a fellow Snoopy fan :D !


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