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My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask Review

Since coming back from my holiday this year, I've paid a lot more attention to my skincare routine because I went skincare crazy which you can see in this haul. My routine now consists of a few more products and one of the things I've added to my are face sheets.

I have been using face sheets once every week or so. Today I will be reviewing this strawberry yogurt mask by MBD. They're usually sold in boxes of ten and I have used six so far so I've been using it for quite some time.

Plastic sheet that comes with the mask. This makes the mask easier to peel and unfold prior to putting it on your face. This plastic sheet also comes in handy for when you want to show the shape and cuts in the mask for a review haha!

Me in my pjs with my poker face on to show you how the mask fits on my face. As you can see it covers my face pretty well. I kind of wished it was a little smaller because I don't like the feeling of the mask touching my hair. Then again, I'm just nit-picking ( =w= )

So let's have a look at some of the claims this masks have and how to use them...

Screenshot from

Maybe it's because I don't know how to review face sheets; I don't have a lot to say about this product. It's just really nice to uses but in my opinion it's not rave or HG material. I'm just going to go straight into the good and bad points . . .

Good Points

~ Smells amazingly yummyyyyy
~ Hydrates and makes my skin feel soft after use
~ Mask has a generous amount of serum so it doesn't dry out and I can massage it into my neck too after I'm done with my face
~ The mask fits my face nicely
~ My pores are more refined then they used to be (but this maybe because of other products in my routine)

Bad Points

~ Mask touches my hair
~ Doesn't seem to improve hydration overall. My face has been a little drier recently; not sure if it's because I'm getting used to the mask or if it's the weather affecting it
~ Can be itchy for some. When I first started using this mask, I couldn't use it for more than 15 minutes as my face would start to itch a little. Now I can wear the mask for the full 30 minutes. I guess I sort of had to build up my tolerance for this mask so others may want to try wearing the mask for a shorter time first before doing the full 20-30 minutes.
~ Not sold in the UK


I can't really comment on the sebum control and whitening properties because it isn't a worry of mine at the moment so I don't really notice or pay attention to these factors. The main reason I decided to start using sheet masks was because I wanted to treat and pamper my skin hehee. As long as a mask smells good, feels relaxing when I'm using it and makes my skin feel slightly better when I'm done; it's going to go in my good books. I'm not looking for long term results.

So would I repurchase this product again? Probably! But I'd like to try other brands too so it won't be in the near future (plus it's not sold in my country). And would I recommend this mask to others? Yeah sure if you're looking for something to treat your skin. However if you're looking for a product that will have overall effects, you may be disappointed and want to try something else.

Said "I don't have a lot to say" about this mask but I ended up saying more than I thought lol. Hope this review is helpful ( ^__^ )


  1. I'm not so frequent with using sheet masks because in my country they are really not popular and rather pricey. But from time to time i buy them or order via internet and I just love how they work for my skin <3

    1. Ahhh that kinda sucks! But I beat it's nice to treat your skin once in a while ^__^

  2. I love masks~ >u< My Beauty Diary Masks are super popular. c: I'm holding mysef back from buying anymore for now though, since I have quite a few boxes of masks (and two different clay masks) to use!
    Thanks for the review for the Strawberry mask~ I haven't tried it before, but I heard so many reviews about it (especially about how nice it smelled)!

    What other skincare products have you added to your routine? o:

    1. Hahaa they are aren't they!! They have such a big range and I wanna try all of them xD
      No problem Junjun!! You should definitely try the strawberry yogurt one when you can! I promise you the smell won't let you down :D
      I used to just use a cleanser and moisturize but now I've added masks, serums and lotions :3

  3. I love MBD mask and this varian is my favourite one :)
    I agree with you about the smell <3 <3
    Nice review~

    1. Ahh the smell is just so delicious isn't it >w<
      Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Have you tried Purederm's strawberry yogurt pack as well? I used it before and it really smells yummy. :3 You can get it from Watsons/Walmart.

    1. No I haven't lol. Don't think I've ever heard of the brand Purederm before...must look out for it next time I go back to HK :L

  5. You're looking like a cute ghost lol. Unfortunately I can't get those masks in my hometown and I do not know if an online order would be a great idea.

    1. Hahaa really?! I didn't know ghosts were cute xD
      I don't think face masks are a beauty essential but if your really wanna try them then got for it! Remember to research a bit into different sites first though to see which ones are good :3

  6. aww strawberries.. i miss summer =( haha~

    i dont use face masks, probably because all the masks that are avaible here are for ''anti-ageing'' =_=
    i want to order my beauty diary masks one time ><

    1. Me too sometimes! As much as I love the autumn fashion, I miss the warm weather. Especially when it's raining >_<"
      Ahh I see...hope you can order and try some MBD masks one day ^^

  7. TBD are so rave about especially in the Asian community because they have huge varieties and are not that expensive if you buy straight from Asia..Great review! ^_~

    1. I know right! They have so many versions...I want to try them all *__* !!
      Glad you liked the review c:

  8. actually i nt that like beauty dairy :) but you should try beauty mate

    1. Aww that's a shame ><"
      I actually have some Beautymate masks but I having tried them yet!! Hope they're good and work for me *fingers crossed*

  9. These are soooooooooooooo popular in Japan (probably in all Asia now).. I tried it too and I had the exact same thoughts as you. I wasn't what to expect and what to feel about it, but your review was helpful. Maybe I should give face masks another go? :p

    - Sally


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