Sunday, 29 December 2013

Slice of Life: The Year of the Lipstick

In 2013 I became obsessed with all things lippie. Today I want to share with you my lipstick collection. I purchased the majority of these this year. I don't know why I got so into lipsticks since I never used to care too much about them!

I may have a problem...

Friday, 20 December 2013

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara Review

I've hear quite a lot of hype about this mascara so when I saw that a magazine was giving out samples I just had to buy it! It not just me who buys a magazine based on the free gift is it? Unfortunately this was a while ago so I couldn't tell you which magazine to buy. So, is this mascara worth the hype?

Anything mini is cute to me~

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Photospam: The Past Two Months (and good news!)

*Crawls out of her cave* Hello my lovelies!

I'm Jing-Jing! Remember my face lol?

Sorry for disappearing for so long; uni and work took over my life! I feel like I currently have no life at the moment; I can't remember when was the last time did something "fun". My life seems to consist of sleep, uni, work, eat and repeat. I feel like I'm always tired. Life kind of sucks as a final year uni student :(

Actually I lied about the bit about having no fun. I have enjoyed some days since the last time I blogged; just not as much as I normal would haha. I haven't done anything that's interesting enough for me to write about, nor have I really had the time to do any product reviews or even snap some outfits because I don't put as much effort into looking good anymore as I haven't been doing anything special. Luckily I have collected some photos of these moments which I'm going to share with you today. I also have some exciting news to share as well but that will be at the end of this post so keep reading!

So what have I been up to? Well I...

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Review

Hey hi hello guys! So I've been using this mascara for a while now ever since I finished my Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara (which I loved by the way and you can read my review here).


I have been meaning to write this review of a while but the problem was I had really mixed feelings with this product. I usually review things after using them a few times but I've put this review on hold so long that this mascara is nearly finished! It's time I shared my thought.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tenerife 2013

Hello my lovelies! Sorry for being MIA recently. I've finally settled into my new house, uni has starting and the work is rolling in *eep* I've also been ill for over a week with a nasty chest infection, My body is aching from all the coughing huuuu...but that doesn't stop me from updating my blog!

So before all these recent happenings and catastrophes, I went on holiday to Tenerife with my best buddies. Today's blog will be a photospam of the trip; enjoy!

We were greeted by blue skies and palm trees at the airport, Paradise or what?!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yesstyle Beauty Haul

Hey guys! Sorry for going missing for a couple of weeks! I went on holiday again but to Tenerife this time with my girl friends. Will be blogging about it soon hopefully!

When I returned from my vacation I was greeted by my Yesstyle order. I hardly ever order from Yesstyle but I wanted to take advantage of their free shipping with no minimum spend promotion. Seems like the promotion has become a permenant thing though last time I checked the site (don't quote me on this) so props to Yesstyle! I really hope this free shipping thing stays forever. Man I used to hate their ridiculous shipping rates... but yeah, back onto topic, here is what I ordered!

Sorry for the bad iphone quality photos. I left my camera at uni!

Friday, 30 August 2013

America 2013: Wonderworks

I think this might be the second from last post about my American adventure. About time because my holiday was about 2 months ago!! I have one more disposable camera to use up which I plan to next week as I'm going on holiday again so stay tuned to see more holiday photos on my blog!

Erhmerhgerd! Downside up house!!

Anyway, today I will be blogging about Wonderworks. It wasn't a place we planned to go to on our holiday but we were curious as to what the place was. Cmon, it's an upside down house...can't really blame us can we?!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Let's Style: Peach Lace Skirt

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've done an outfit post! Remember that I said that I will be changing the way I do them? Well instead of just sharing one outfit in one post, I though I'd start doing posts where I pick out one piece and create several outfit with it. To kick start this series, today we will be styling a peach tutu skirt.


Monday, 19 August 2013

America 2013: Universal Studios

Hey peeps! Sorry for being a little late with posting. I just haven't been in a very bloggy mood this week. Anyway, carrying on with my holiday post, today I will be sharing some of the photos taken at Universal. I can't believe it's been over a month since I was on holiday. Man I miss America!

I got some of my disposable camera photos developed!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Slice of Life: Hair Donation

Today I will be taking a break from blogging my holiday adventures because I don't want to blog about this any later (as it's already been some time since this happened). About three weeks ago, I cut off my long hair and donated it.

Short hair don't care.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Foodporn (American Edition)

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I love food! Food was probably the best part of my trip to America if I'm honest. I ate so much I came back home with some extra flab ( ; w ; ) I am a fatty at heart. Here are some of the things I at in America. Enjoy!

Red Lobster

Friday, 26 July 2013

America 2013: Disney World

I had quite a hard time figuring out on how to write about my holiday because a) I don't have all the pictures I took since we took some on disposable cameras and have yet to develop them, and b) there's just so much to show you guys and talk about #bloggerproblems. Today it suddenly crossed my mind...why don't I break down my holiday post into several posts? GENIUS! Gotta be honest, I've been putting of writing about my holiday because I just didn't know how to go about doing it ( ^^" ) I can't believe it took me so long to think of solution haha. Anyway, let me stop rambling and start the first part of my holiday post; Disneyland!


Thursday, 18 July 2013

America 2013 Haul

As the title suggests, here is an overview of the things I purchased in America~

American Make Up

As a beauty junkie, of course I had to buy some American exclusive make up!! I got...

Friday, 5 July 2013

Ramblings on 4th July

[edit] I know it's the 5th today...I got too tired to finish and publish this post for yesterday #epicfail ( ; w ; ")

Hi guys! I'm back and Happy Independence Day America!! I'm finally back in real-time-blogging-mode again which means I'm not in the states anymore to celebrate 4th July huuuu~ Oh well, at least I was able to experience the build up to it!

I celebrated 4th July in my all American Hello Kitty home...inside. No BBQs for me :'D

Soooo America. . . probably the best holiday I've had so far in my life! I have so many pictures to show you guys but I will be saving that in my future posts. As a tribute to America's special day and a start to my posts about my holiday, here are a few little things I've loved about America which I miss!

~ The weather - This probably various from state to state but I was lucky enough to stay in Orlando, Florida and the weather was gorgeous! Proper summer weather; nice and hot everyday unlike the UK!

~ The space - SO MUCH SPACE FOR ACTIVITIES!!!! I actually felt a bit claustrophobic when I arrived back home. Everything in America is so spread out and....less cluttered I guess. It makes the environment seem less stressful in my opinion.

~ Free refills - The first meal we had at a restaurant my boyfriend and I had lemonade (which we learn was actually completely different from the lemonade we have in the UK. Still very yummy though!) and the waitress just came up to our table and topped up our glasses. We asked if it was free and she was like "ummm....yeahhhh?". AMERICA...U SO GENEROUS!!!

~ Iced Tea - I'm not sure if this is just a Florida thing...but iced tea is everywhere! Sweet, raspberry, peach, lemon etc. I was in h-e-a-v-e-n because I LOOOOOOVE ice tea!

~ The flavour of grape - I love it! But it's rare in the UK...

~ Cheap to eat out - Asides from free refills making it cheaper when dining out compared to the UK, food portions are BIIIIIIG in America! Delicious too! My boyfriend and I shared majority of our meals together when we learnt that we will never a dish on our own. Sometimes the portions are so big that even the two of us can't finish it together!!

~ Size matters - A regular drink in the US is bigger than a large in the UK! Funny story; the days I came back to the UK I go so thirsty from lugging around my suitcase I decided to stop at McDonald's and ordered a large Fanta. When I got it I asked the guys serving me "is this a large?" and he replied "yeah"...

~ American products - Why do countries have to jack up the prices so much when something is imported?! I have been using something called "Aquaphor" for my eczema. The tube I have is 40ml and cost around £8 I think. I bought a 396g tube of the stuff from Walmart for about 14USD which google says it's about £9.29. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt?!?!?! Imagine if it was on offer!!!

~ Walmart Supercenter - Puts the British superstores to shame. The Walmart I visited sold literally everything. EVERYTHING!

There are probably more things but I can't remember them all at the moment. Man I really wish I could live in USA. America I love you!!

Have you ever been to a country and felt it was so much better than the one you live it xP ? Do share!

Blog to you soon :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

OFOTD: Peachy Bunny

Hey guys! This is my last scheduled post and I will be flying back tomorrow and hopefully be returning to the normal-real-time-blogging-mode soon! Anyway, here is the look!

What's on the floor?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Slice of Life: Cute Scrapbooks and Organization

I guess this can sort of be a haul post too but there's more to it than the cute notebooks I recently bought. But first...let me show you the cute books I recently bought xD

Cute right :D

I've decided to start making scrapbooks! I have such a big collections of various tickets from the past, stickers, cloth tags etc. They all started off at a small pile, then moved into boxes, then I sort of gave up when the boxes were full lol.

Purikura scrapbook

I have a lot of purikura sheets too which were just laying around. If I stick everything in scrapbooks then I'll have a lot less sheets of random stuff hiding all over my room :) I'm trying really hard to get organized in my life. Why?

In the process of moving my belongings out of my student house back home it hit me; I am on the verge of becoming a hoarder. I have sooooooo much stuff!! I always knew I had a lot of junk but it really is too much. I stumbled upon a youtuber called "Pinksofoxy" and she had some vlogs on decluttering. I could really relate to her in those videos because I have the exactly same problem as her; if not worse :'D

This week I've been really on it with getting rid of my stuff. I usually get rid of a few things but before I know it, I've collected more useless junk such as cute packaging and materials I think I'll use for projects which I rarely do! This week I've donated half of my wardrobe because a lot of the things aren't really to my taste any more. I've also recycled a load of my school textbooks and work sheets why my Mum kept for me just in case I need them again; I've never looked at them twice! Some of these schoolbooks where from my Reception years ( O_____o") And oh, you know the cool stuff you always find when you're tidying then get distracted? Yeah I got rid of a lot of those too. This will not only declutter my room but stop me from getting distracted again the next time I tidy! I've been trying be a tidier, more organized person for years but my journey truely starts today ( ^_____^ )

Do you make scrapbooks? Are you a tidy person? Do you have any tips? Do share :D

Saturday, 22 June 2013

OFOTD: Down Under

Is this post up?? If it is then my scheduling plan has worked! Here is an outfit I took a while again back :)


Monday, 17 June 2013

Beauty Swap with Angel!

Hey guys! If you are reading this write now, it means I'm on my way to America :D Instead of taking a hiatus I've decided to write a few and schedule the posts because I've neglected this blog for quite a bit so I'm gonna put back in the effort that I haven't been recently :) Hope this scheduling thing works!

So back onto the topic, a few months ago I did a beauty swap with the lovely Angel! This was my first swap so I was very excited to shop for her and see what I'd get!

Message from Angel. Her writing is so neat!!

So let me show you what I got!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

OFOTD: Superdry. Super Lazy

Hello pretty peeps! Sorry my blogging has not been very consistent recently. I've literally been up, down and across the country! Last week I visited my friends in London, when back to uni to collect my result and work and moved the last of my belongings out of my student house back home...phew! Because of this, I've been super lazy for the pass couple of days; I've pretty much just laid on the sofa, ate and slept! Then I started feeling guilty about the lack of things I've now I'm blogging :D Because I like to always include at least one image in my post and I only have pre-shot outfit photos, an outfit post it will be! Here is an outfit shot to show you guys what I would wear on days I feel like a bum :L

For some reason my feet look like they're covered in dirt. I swear it's the shadow's fault D:

Friday, 31 May 2013

Photospam: OMNOMNOM

Eeep I haven't blogged in quite a while! My excuse is that I've been moving around a lot lately. Since I've finished my 2 year I've been slowly moving my belongings back home from my uni house as I will be on holiday during the switch between my current student house to the next. To make it up to you guys, here is a post dedicated to FOOD! I've actually eating out quite a few times, taken pictures but never got around to posting them. Enjoy the foodporn ( ^__^ )

Saturday, 18 May 2013

OFOTD: Denim x Floral

Hello my pretties! I finally finished my second year of university yesterday so I'm really happy! My summer has finally started (eventhough the weather is pretty bleh!). Anyway, here's an outfit shot for you guys :D

I look worried lol

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Slice of Life: Let's Make a Wish

Yesterday a good friend in uni had a surprize for a bunch of her friends!! Everyone had no idea what was going on. It was late at night and majority of people were getting cold and complaining a little (including me lol) as we walked to where the surprize was going to take place. Deadlines and exams are coming...why now?! We finally got to the destination which was near a river. The suprize was Chinese lanterns! Facing the cold was worth it after all ( ^__^ )

The boyfriend and the lantern

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Slice of Life: My BFFs

Today I'm procrastinating *fail* I will be posting about my besties :)

Purikuras from Easter

Friday, 26 April 2013

OFOTD: Je ne parle pas français

Hi girls...and guys! This week has yet again been a busy week but I feel really good about it. Because I've sold my soul to my uni work, I'm feeling a lot less stressed compared to my previous deadlines. My deadlines is in 3 weeks and I've actually been working on it since...the beginning of April maybe? I'm actually not leaving my project till the last minute. WTF right?! I'm actually procrastinating less for once!!! And I feel GOOD :D Oh and I've also started jogging too this week! I'm going on two holidays this summer (YAAAAY!) so I need to get that summer body haha! Becoming a more organized and active person, I don't know what's gotten into me but let's hope this is a change in lifestyle and not just a phase :L

So yeah, that's the story of my life for this week! I think I'm going to start rambling about my life a bit more in my OFOTD posts. You know, to beef up the content ha! Hope it doesn't bore you guys ( ^^") Anyway, moving on, here's another outfit I put together . . .

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Slice of Life: Bowling

Hey guys! I'm still alive!! Still not fully back in the swing of blogging yet. I will have to try harder xD The past couple of weeks have been busy, busyy, busyyy! I was offered extra hours at work last week which I struggled to say "no" to. Anybody else have this problem? Shouldn't have been so money hungry; I now feel like I'm behind on uni work ( @__@") I just worked my normal hours this week but I haven't had the chance to properly catch up with my studies because two of my good friends had their birthdays this week!! I've played hard, now I need to work hard >:'D

Anyway, back to the main topic of this post; bowling!! I actually went back in the Easter holidays which was about a month ago. Man I'm so behind with posting. But hey, better late than never! Enjoy the photospam :)

Bowling shoes. My boyfriend things they're dorkie but I think they're kinda cool lol. Would you wear them on a normal day??

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

OFOTD: Maxi Dress

Hey there! Today I will be sharing one of the many outfits I shot during my Easter break.

Dress from Topshop

I usually shy away from maxi dresses because I feel I am too short to pull them off. The only reason I got this one is because I've been wanting a peach pleated midi skirt for a long time!! Plus this dress was on sale (£9 baby!). My initial plans were to detach the top bit of the dress and cut of some length. However, after trying the dress on for fun I've been having second thoughts! The dress is beautiful but I've been dying for a midi shirt for ages...what do you guys think I should do??

See you in my next post which will be about my day out bowling I promised to blog about. Didn't blog about it today due to laziness and because I want to slowly ease myself back into the swing of blogging ( ^__^" )

[random sidenote] I got tumblr a few days ago! It's a bit plan because I still don't really get it fully. Follow me on I'm a little bit of a loner at the moment :'D If you have tumblr too link me in your comment so I can check it out c:


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ramblings and Giveaway Winner!

Hey guys! Sorry for being a little MIA. Since I've started my new job it means I have slightly less free time to blog. I've also been out and about because I'm on Easter break. Luckily this does mean that I have a fair bit to blog about! Also, I'm currently back with my parents in my sleepy town for a few days; knowing there is little to do in this town I've taken a lot of my clothes home so I can dress up and take a load of OFOTDs for future posts. I'm also hoping to prepare some beauty related posts too. My uni/work/life schudule is going to get busier when Easter break ends so if I do this hopefully I can still blog frequently. Don't worry, I won't forgotten about you guys! You are the reason I enjoy and carry on blogging ( ^__^ )

Moving on! It's time to announce the winner of my giveaway! And the winner iiiiiis . . . . . .

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Nadine! Congratulations :D I will be emailing you very shortly so please reply ASAP!!

Thank you and better luck next time to everyone else who entered. Without you my giveaways would not work! See you in my next post :)

Friday, 22 March 2013

OFOTD: Geek Girl

Yesterday I went bowling with my boyfriend (which I'll probably blog about in my next post :D) and this is what I wore.

Bleh cloudy days!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner Brown Review

It's review time guys! Today I will be talking about the brown version Maybelline's gel eyeliner. I have been using brown liner instead of black recently. I just wanted a change I guess. Plus it was an excuse to try out another gel liner haha!

Maybelline and MAC

Like most of my reviews I will be comparing the product being reviewed with a similar product I already own. Today I will be using my HG gel liner MAC Fluidline for comparison. At first glance, I can say that Maybelline has won in terms of packaging for me. However, will the actual product match up to the standards of MAC's?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Slice of Life: Heavenly Desserts

I feel like I haven't really been with it with the blog world recently. Life has been pretty hectic this week; a deadline I didn't know took away my social life before I knew it. Whilst I was rushing for this deadline a job interview happened to pop up too!! I've been applying for jobs constantly since the beginning of the year with no luck; I was so happy to finally get a response but it was a pretty bad time for them to decide to interview me this week! I still went anyway since I know they'd probably not rearrange my interview and pass it on to someone else (plus I really want a job :'D). So happy this week is over and that my work is in. And oh, I got the job too which makes the end of this week that much better ( >w< )

In celebration of getting a job and my life back, my boyfriend and I decided to go get us some sugar fixes at Heavenly Desserts.

Choices . . .

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Slice of Life: Panda Pyjamas

Camwhore session with my boyfriend wearing the latest additions to our wardrobe!

Hey there~

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tony Moly Cat's Wink Mascara Curling and Longlash Review

Before I start the review I jst want to tell you guys that I'm slowly trying changing my blog's layout; sorry if things are a bit jumbled at the moment! But yeah...WOAH! I haven't done a review in ageeeees! These pictures were taken back in the Christmas holidays (WTH right?!) but I always seemed to find something else to blog about so this post was sort of forgotten ( ^_^" ) But hey it's finally here! Better late then never!

The packaging

Friday, 15 February 2013

OFOTD: Valentine's

Hey everyone! Single or taken, I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's Day :) Since it was le special day, I asked my boyfriend to do a outfit shot with me :D

The only photo of us together lol

Monday, 11 February 2013

Slice of Life: CNY2013

Happy Snake Year guys! Yesterday my friends and I ate out in celebration of Chinese New Year and a restaurant called "Jimmy's World Grill and Bar" :D We had the all you can eat buffet and it was yum-my-li-cious! I didn't actually take any photos yesterday in the restaurant since I'd already taken photos from Jimmy's a few weeks ago. I never got around to blogging about them so I guess this will be a good time to upload them. I pretty much ate similar things so just I'm going to pretend these photos were from yesterday huhuu~

Valentine's Themed Meal

The current menu at Jimmy's with fun, friendly instructions on how the buffet works. In my opinion, Valentine's Day seems to be advertized way too early in some places. These photos were taken back in January ( O__o )

Sunday, 3 February 2013

It's Giveaway Time ♪

Before I get into the main point of this post, I just want to mention a few things. I've decided to switch my commenting system and use Diqus. Some of you guys ask me questions so this way you'll get a notification about it (unless you turn it off haha!). I know I sometimes forget to check back on blogs and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one!! Another thing that's going to change with commenting is that I will not be replying to all of them anymore :( Replying to comments takes a fair amount of time and with uni work getting harder this semester, I should spend more time for that. Hope you guys understand! Just giving you heads up, I don't just want to stop replying comments because that might come off as rude lol. I will however still answer any questions you guys ask though since after all, that is the main reason why I'm using Disqus now c:

Ok, now that's out of the way...onto the giveaway :D :D :D

I've been wanting to do one for some time but it took long to get around to it. This giveaway was going to be for my blog's anniversary but I didn't get the post up in time. I'm a month late ( ^^") I don't have a number of followers that's a "good number" so I don't wan to call this my "*insert number*+ Giveaway". Was going to wait out until Chinese New Year but I'm too impatient. So I guess this is just a random giveaway then hahaa xD Anyways, let's look at the prizes! The winner will be receiving . . .

A box of Hello Kitty x Liberty lipglosses.

It's so cute right?! I bought this just for you guys back in the January sales :3

Maybelline's gel eyeliner and a hat made by yours truely

I've been loving this eyeliner so I though I buy another one and include it to share the love <3 The hat was the one that was featured in my cat hat post. You guys seemed to like really it and so I'm going to give it away ( ^.^ )

Finally, some cheap ebay lashes!

I got these were lashes as doubles when I ordered from ebay ageeees ago. They've just been lying around and probably will never get used since I hardly wear falsies so I'm throwing them in so someone else can give them a bit of love~

Like what you see in this giveaway? Simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form below to get a chance in winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[notes] If you are selected as the winner I will give you one week to reply and claim your prize. If you do not reply within one week I will redraw another winner. Please remember to check your email! FinallyDO NOT CHEAT!! I have caught and will catch cheaters. Don't lie to try to get extra entries. I will not allow a cheater to win. You have been warned.

Best of luck guys :)

[edit] Forgot to mention it but this giveaway is international ( ^___^ )

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Slice of Life: Ichigos and iPhone

Nothing that exciting has happened recently. Haven't really been out that much since it's been so cold! After I'm done with uni and the odd errands I just want to go and stay inside the warm and chill ( ^.^") In this post however I will share the most exciting thing that has happened this week . . .

I got an iPhone :D

Friday, 18 January 2013

OFOTD: Kimono Killer

Remember in my last outfit post I fell off my bike so I had to wait until the next day to go to into town again? This is what I wore the next day lol.

I'm back on my feet!

Monday, 14 January 2013

OFOTD: Don't Bike in the Snow

Something quite funny happened today! So my boyfriend and I had to go into town to pay our rent. We was planning to hit the mall too since we hadn't been since we've come back from Christmas break. This is what I wore~

It snowed!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Big Haul #2

Christmas, birthday and sales; it's that time of the year again where I suddenly get lots of new things ( >w<") Wasn't really sure what to call this post. Last year I named it the Big December Haul but I aquired half of what I'm going to show you in January. So "The Big Haul #2" it is!

Birthday presents yaaaay! #spoilt ( ^__^" )

Thursday, 10 January 2013


I've been pretty creative over the holidays. One of the things that I made was a hat!

A cat hat to be exact :3

Friday, 4 January 2013


Happy 2013 guys! Hope you are all good and well. This year I was lucky enough to spend New Years Eve and Day in London since my boyfriend lives there~! It was going to be my first time counting down in London so I was super excited! My birthday's on the 30th so I decided to go to Winter Wonderland on that day with my family and friends. I spent a total of 5 days in London so I had a lot of fun and took a lot of photos! I've been to London countless of times yet I still sort of feel like I've been on holiday because of the sheer amount of pictures I took LOL. So yeah, you have been warned; this a very image heavy post so continue to read if you dare xP


30th December 2012

I'm going to do things in chronological order because it's easier.

Cake my Mummy made for me ( ^__^ ) My family counted down and made me cut it at midnight since we had a long day ahead of us