Monday, 14 January 2013

OFOTD: Don't Bike in the Snow

Something quite funny happened today! So my boyfriend and I had to go into town to pay our rent. We was planning to hit the mall too since we hadn't been since we've come back from Christmas break. This is what I wore~

It snowed!

Full Shot

~ Shirt - H&M
~ Jumper - H&M
~ Skirt (and belt) - River Island
~ Blazer - Forever 21
~ Creepers -
~ Bag - Accessorize



My face was so derp but this was along the lines of the expression I was trying to pull ha!

I fell off my bike on the way to town ( ^__^") It was highly embarrassing because I did it in front of about 5-7 people. Luckily nobody laugh and instead asked if I was alright (faith in humanity woo!). However, this is going to haunt me for life because I know my boyfriend is going to tease me about this incidence forever; it's already begun :'D

Oh yeah I'm trying to get back into using lookbook again! Anybody else on it too?? Comment me your profile so I can have a look at them!

Blog to you soon guys! Probably will be doing another outfit post tomorrow since I never got around to paying my rent today due to the state I was in LOL. I don't think I'll be biking this time ( =w=" )


  1. Oh sweetie yur outfit is lovely, i love it the skirt!


  2. love your outfit! its like a skirt but perfect for the cold weather and it looks super cute too :D

    1. Glad you like it! The skirt is made out of pretty thick material so it still kept me warm in the snow :)

  3. Wahh~ So cute! >u< I really love that skirt you have~ >u<

  4. you look really cutee!!!
    i love how you layer your top.. that's soooo adorable... =)

  5. the outfit is super duper cute and so does you!! ^_~

  6. Love the outfit! ^^
    Aw. I hate when I do things like that, and I'm all embarrassed.
    I'm so horrible when I'm embarrassed - it's one of the worst feelings for me! >W<

    1. Hahaa I know right! I was so embarrassed I just wanted to crawl into a hole :'D


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