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Happy 2013 guys! Hope you are all good and well. This year I was lucky enough to spend New Years Eve and Day in London since my boyfriend lives there~! It was going to be my first time counting down in London so I was super excited! My birthday's on the 30th so I decided to go to Winter Wonderland on that day with my family and friends. I spent a total of 5 days in London so I had a lot of fun and took a lot of photos! I've been to London countless of times yet I still sort of feel like I've been on holiday because of the sheer amount of pictures I took LOL. So yeah, you have been warned; this a very image heavy post so continue to read if you dare xP


30th December 2012

I'm going to do things in chronological order because it's easier.

Cake my Mummy made for me ( ^__^ ) My family counted down and made me cut it at midnight since we had a long day ahead of us

So the 30th was my birthday and instead of getting absolutely wasted in a club and possibly chunder everywhere, I decided I wanted to do something memorable this year; so Winter Wonderland it was! My parents happened to be free on my birthday so I wanted them to be there too. It was my 21st so having them there made it an extra special day.

Birthday meal in China Town

My brother and our childhood friends were at the meal too so since we were in China Town we decided to do purikuras XD

Then we eventually made our way Winter Wonderland!

Stolen from my Dad's facebook ahaha; family photo c:

The Magical Ice Kingdom. My parents were really interested in this when I was telling them about what was in Winter Wonderland. Really glad they could come with me and see it for themselves

Ice bunnies!

The Ice Kingdom basically had loads of ice sculptures in it. For someone who had never seen any ice sculptures before I thought the whole experiences was truly magical. Everything just looked stunning!!


An ice castle people could go up then go down a slide made out of ice. I didn't go up because I didn't want a freezing wet bum x'D

Ice army. So cool (geddit HAHA!)

Me and my girls 

After my family had to go I got to meet up with my group of friends and do the more exciting things in Winter Wonderland. FAIRGROUND STUFF!!

Went on this ride! Started off pretty slow and meh but then it got really fast I ended up quite dizzy coming off it ( @__@ )

Eyecandy AHAHAHAAA!! But seriously, this literally was eyecandy because everything's so overpriced nobody bought anything ( ><")

And that pretty much concludes my birthday! There are more pictures but I would never finish this post if I included all of them lololol. Onto NYE~


31st December 2012

Stayed round my boyfriend's flat. Him and his mum surprized me with birthday cake #2 :D

Random photo of a yummy hot chocolate I had. NYE started off pretty slow since we were out all day and night the day before. Slept in, watched TV, went on the laptop, generally bummed around and chilled until midnight got closer. Not going to complain; my legs ached from all the walking I did the previous day ( ; w ; )


1st January 2013


We watched the fireworks from the top of my boyfriend's flat. It's the first time I've ever seen fireworks being let off from below so it was pretty awesome seeing some of them at eye level!

Some kind neighbours from the block offered us some sparklers :D

A pretty cool shot. Caught it just before the sparkler died #win


2nd December 2013

Went to Somerset House with my boyfriend and his niece. Had to go see the Valentino exhibition for university. We wanted to ice skate but by the time we were done it was raining pretty heavily :'(

Free postcard and booklet. The exhibition was OK I guess but photography wasn't allowed which I'm pretty annoyed about. I wanted to get some pictures for my sketchbook work >:(

Ate lunch at a Thai restaurant

Really yummy starters! I think they were called "toong tong".

Beef egg noodles in soup *slurps*

Because my boyfriend's niece mainly came to ice skate and we didn't do it, we decided to take her to some other fun places to look around. One of them was M&M World ( ^.^ )

M&M paintings.

Really big gumball machine we randomly came across :O

The Candy Overlord says "Fight dull candy!" LOL

We also visited China Town, Japan Centre and Trocadero since my boyfriend's niece is quite into anime and manga. Didn't take any photos of these places because I go pretty much every time I'm in London ( ^^" ) Tell me if you want to see pictures of these places and I'll make sure I'll snap some next time I visit London!


And that's the end of the mega photospam folks! No photos from the 3rd since I just chilled at my boyfriends and had to go home that day. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did during New Years and may 2013 bring us all even more fun and happy moments :3


  1. pretty photos! it's looks like you had a really nice time in London! ^^ Happy New Year! (:

    fashionlei styled

    1. London was very fun indeed :D
      Happy New Year to you too~

  2. I love these photos ^^
    Happy New Year!!

    1. Thanks! Happy New Year to you too ^^

  3. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3
    Happy New Year!:*

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

    1. Thanks you! Happy New Year to you too~

  4. That was so sweet for your bf's parents to invite you to stay as well as surprise you with that cake! That was sooo sweet (both cakes looks so good btw, Can you save me a slice? LOL)

    Those ice sculptures are so beautiful! I have yet so see one in person. I can only imagine how beautiful they must of looked when the light shined on them. They must of glisten so beautifully. I love fireworks and sparklers, I haven't had a sparkler in so long! ~ Thanks for visiting my page! HAPPPPY BIRTHHDAYYYY!!!!! (^O^)/ <3~~~~~and also Happy New Yearrrr!!!!!! <3

    1. I know right! I wasn't expecting it :')
      If you have the chance to see some ice sculptures definitely go! They are so beautiful *___* And haha no problem! Thanks for the birthday wishes ^w^

  5. Happy happy belated birthday!!! Wooohooooo, The ice show looks amazing. Didn't realise they had that kind of thing here in the uk! Loving your bright smile in these photos too! ^^

    1. Thank you haha! Yeah I always used to think that the UK was boring since I live here lol but when to look for it we do have some pretty cool stuff :)

  6. Your mum seems like an awesome baker, look at that cake!! I'm drooling :)


    1. She is an awesome baker! And a very good cook too c:


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