Saturday, 26 January 2013

Slice of Life: Ichigos and iPhone

Nothing that exciting has happened recently. Haven't really been out that much since it's been so cold! After I'm done with uni and the odd errands I just want to go and stay inside the warm and chill ( ^.^") In this post however I will share the most exciting thing that has happened this week . . .

I got an iPhone :D

After losing my phone and having to live in the past using a super old LG phone (which couldn't even get on the internet so my contract was wasting away *sadface*), I finally broke into my bank account and decided to get a new phone!


I got the cheapest cute case I could find that would get shipped to my house as soon as possible as I'm pretty scratch-phobic with new phones; so a red polka dot case it was! The case came with a free ugly stylus thing so I decided to make an amigurumi strawberry and replace it.

Strawberry Nails

Some of you may have seen this on my instagram OMG I missed using instagram so much after losing my phone :'D. I was originally inspired by my case to do red polka dots but I failed at spacing the dots evenly. So I added some green splodges on the tips of my nail and taa daaaa~ . . . strawberry nails ( ^__~ )

That's all for today! The next post will be a giveaway so stay tuned! See you there ;D


  1. Hi Jing! I love your strawberry nails they are adorable. Now that you have a phone again you can post on instagram again! Woot woot.

  2. The phone is so cute! It matches the strawberry so well!

  3. Super cute co-ordination :)) good way to cover up mistakes - make it into something cuter! ^^

  4. why are you so adorable. give me some of dat.
    seriously though, I love your nails and the cute case with the hand-made amigurimi :D (you talented girl)
    I know what you mean about the ugly stylus though. I recently ordered a case and it came with one. I was like 'O.o no.'

  5. ah ichigo, I always preferred the word to Sutoroberi

  6. I love amigurumi! =D I'm still an amateur, but I've made a bunny and an ice cream so far! <3 Your strawberry is really cute, it compliments well with the iPhone case. =) Congrats on your new phone ~

  7. Kyaaaa. Ichigo!! Cute case and phone strap. *v*

  8. Oh my gosh, your phone + charm + nails match so perfectly! *A* (Speaking of which, I love your nails)

  9. Ooh, cute nails! Those dots look perfectly fine to me - mine would have turned out one huge blob... -.-
    Hooray on the iPhone!!! >w< Hihi, they're definitely a love to keep in your purse, or pocket! ^^

  10. wooohoo iphone! Welcome to the dark side. ^_~ once you go iphone, you never turn back! ^_~

  11. Ohoowo, you got an iPhone, jealousy, jealousy :) This case really looks adorable and those polka dots seem to be very fashion now.
    Your nails are sooo cute, hehe.

  12. The case looks really cute! Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  13. I love strawberries and strawberry designs! Cute and yummy :)



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