Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Big Haul #2

Christmas, birthday and sales; it's that time of the year again where I suddenly get lots of new things ( >w<") Wasn't really sure what to call this post. Last year I named it the Big December Haul but I aquired half of what I'm going to show you in January. So "The Big Haul #2" it is!

Birthday presents yaaaay! #spoilt ( ^__^" )

I'll start off what's in my the bags first! This is a cute fruit plushies my best friend gave me! I saw "fruit plushies" because we -think- it's a strawberry but we're not entirely sure haha

Body Shop lippies from my other best friend. They smell soooooo yummylicious!! Must. Not. Attempt. To. Eat. GAAAHHH!!!

Good bag from another one of my girls. In it was a watermelon coin purse, an Etude House sheet mask and a crackle nail polish by OPI. I've never tried anything from the two brands before so I can't wait to try them!

I got a Pandora bracelet from my boyfriend and an extra charm from my brother. I've been wanting one for a while so to have two important males in my life by me jewellery makes me feel really special *blushes*. I'm not a big accessories girl but I think with this bracelet I'm going to wear it to death lol

The two charms I have. The camera is from my boyfriend; he is such a camera geek and actually got me into them too! Eventhough the charm is quite a novelty one, it does have a meaning and reminds me of him :3 The star is from my brother; it isn't as meaningful as the camera, but my brother actually let me pick so I sort of just chose something that looks good. Though, he does like stars too so it reminds me of him xD ?!

Here is what my boyfriend's mum gave me for my birthday. I get a feeling my boyfriend sometimes reads my blog because this is the same curling tong that was on my wishlist. It may just be a coincidences but HI JOSH IF YOU'RE READING!

Erhmergerd shews! The Doc Martens were from TK Maxx (£37) and the creepers were from boohoo (£12). STEAL! My brother actually chipped in for the DMs because he didn't get me a Christmas present lol. Oh and on the subject of DMs; I actually have a pair my friend gave to me as she didn't want them anymore. They're UK size 5 and don't actually fit me so drop me an email if you want pictures, are interested etc! Only going to charge shipping by the way since I was given them c:

I fricken LOVE floral!! The satchel was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend and I got the Cath Kidston purse (£26) when I was in London and I really needed a new one. My old purse's card slots became so loose my cards have flown out in public several times when I get my purse out!! Got to stop shoving my cards in just one slot; it's a bad habit ( ; w ; )

A gift to myself. THE PANASONIC 20MM F1.7!!!11!11!1! I've been eyeing for this lens ever since I got my camera! With the help of Christmas and birthday money, I finally got it :'D

And finally some beauty products. I've been wanting to try using brown instead of black gel eyeliner for a while so I got this Maybelline one. Really needed to replace my eyelash curler and heard the Revlon one was pretty good so I decided to get it. So far I'm loving these two products! Expect a review of the Maybelline liner soon!!

And that's the end of my haul. Probably won't be doing another one as big as this until next year! What did you get for Christmas and in the sale if you went shopping?

Blog to you soon!!


  1. Great haul! c:
    The pandora bracelet is so pretty! :'D Can't wait to see how it changes over time. c:

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Can wait to add more charms on it. It's going to be a slow process though. Must save >:'D

  2. i really like the watermelon purse
    so cute ^^

  3. The pandora is so pretty! And I think that's a strawberry... lol

    1. Hahaa yeah it probably is! If it is it's a pretty unique looking strawberry :L

  4. AHAHAHA the Strawberry plushie's pose made me LOL. It looks like a strawberry dipped in cream with a Hawaiian grass skirt!

    I've tried the mask from Etude House -- It's UH-MAY-ZING. You have such a sweet boyfriend btw. Love the bracelet! And yes, his mum's gift does seem suspicious, but don't question something you get for free! lol j/k

    Loving the DM's and the creepers x_x I've always wanted creepers but the ones they sell here are always crappy quality D: I'd go for the shoes but I'm a UK size 3 X_X EEP! Tiny feet x_x I love how you call 'shoes' 'shews' hahaha

    The lens looks gorgeous too btw. I know nothing about photography, but if you bought it yourself, it must obviously be something you want, and I doubt you'd get something crappy for yourself, so this is me trying to empathize. Fail = Ada.

    I also repurchased a Brown EyeStudio Lasting Gel Eyeliner since it's my everyday liner and I just ran out. Lol coinky-dink.

    Sorry for my somewhat schizo comment. I am high on jellybeans and hot cocoa. Thanks for sharing Jing-Jing!


    1. LMAO Ada you're comments never fail to make me smile! Don't worry about being high on sugar, it sometimes happens to me too xD

  5. wahhh, I want those body shop lippies ^_~

    1. Body shop stuff is always amazing! Especially the smell :D

  6. Such a great haul! I love floral tooo!!! <3 <3

  7. all of your gifts are soooo adorable!!

    some of my gifts are boring, but i still appreciate them :D



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