Monday, 11 February 2013

Slice of Life: CNY2013

Happy Snake Year guys! Yesterday my friends and I ate out in celebration of Chinese New Year and a restaurant called "Jimmy's World Grill and Bar" :D We had the all you can eat buffet and it was yum-my-li-cious! I didn't actually take any photos yesterday in the restaurant since I'd already taken photos from Jimmy's a few weeks ago. I never got around to blogging about them so I guess this will be a good time to upload them. I pretty much ate similar things so just I'm going to pretend these photos were from yesterday huhuu~

Valentine's Themed Meal

The current menu at Jimmy's with fun, friendly instructions on how the buffet works. In my opinion, Valentine's Day seems to be advertized way too early in some places. These photos were taken back in January ( O__o )

Couple of cocktails.

Can't remember the names of them but the blue one (mine) was really yum but the red one (boyfriend's) tasted like ass #ew. The waiter serving us noticed that the red one looked practically untouched, asked us if we didn't like it and gave us a refund. A+ for service which was probably why we paid Jimmy's a second visit yesterday :)

Round 1: Starters

Jimmy's buffet is a world buffet so there are lots of dishes to chose from all around the world! I think got some food from the Chinese, Japanese, Indian and English selection. Can you guess what comes from where?

Round 2: Mains

Round 3: More Mains (I really like chow mein)

Round 4: Dessert

Round 5: More!!

I think we could have fit in more rounds but we arrived pretty late and only left when the waiters told us they were closing. Need to learn to leave the house earlier!

And I will finish off this post with some pictures I actually took from yesterday!

Nail of the Day

Chinese New Year is all about the colours red and gold! The flowers were created with a dotting tool and to make them not so plain, I added glitter for the middle parts of the flowers. A touch of sparkle :)

Pre-meal shot: Red outfits!

I wish a group photo was taken of everyone at the meal! But yeah, we got there pretty late (again) so we just focused on eating lolz. The dress code was red; pretty sure I don't need to mention the reason :P

Did you celebrate Chinese New Year?


  1. The food looks so gooood :)

    The Chilli level thingy reminds me of Nandos

  2. happy chinese new year :)

  3. the cocktails look beautiful!!! <3


  4. your post made me hungry I'm gonna get food >o<;;

    the food looks soo good

  5. Cute shots :) Happy chinese new year!!

  6. I never knew a restaurant that voluntarily gives a refund. that's great :)



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