Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tony Moly Cat's Wink Mascara Curling and Longlash Review

Before I start the review I jst want to tell you guys that I'm slowly trying changing my blog's layout; sorry if things are a bit jumbled at the moment! But yeah...WOAH! I haven't done a review in ageeeees! These pictures were taken back in the Christmas holidays (WTH right?!) but I always seemed to find something else to blog about so this post was sort of forgotten ( ^_^" ) But hey it's finally here! Better late then never!

The packaging

Closer look. Meow :3

The brush

Cat's Wink on pre-curled lashes on the left and naked lashes on the right

Cat's Wink compared to Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl

If I had to describe Toly Mony Cat's Wink Mascara Curling and Longlash in one word what would it be? The answer: DISAPPOINTING! Why? It does not hold curls!!! If you've read my mascara reviews before, you'll know curl holding power is very important to me. I think this is the first Asian mascara I've been disappointed with. With the majority of Asians having straight eyelashes, surely a mascara made in Asia should be at least able to hold curls right?

To summarize...

The Good:

~ The mascara is very black
~ Easy to remove
~ Cute packaging
~ Volumizing

The Bad:

~ Can't hold curls :(
~ The formula is to wet for my liking
~ Smudges on my eyes
~ Not waterproof (but then it never claimed it was)

Hope this review helps! This mascara may work better for those of you with naturally curled lashes but I think most of you can tell I'm not going to recommend this mascara.

Blog to you soon 


  1. Aww, it's a shame that these were disappointing! :c I had wanted to try it as well (because the packaging is too cute, not going to lie). Thanks for the review~
    And oh my gosh, I have so many photos from Christmas/January that I have yet to use for reviews or posts. ;u;

  2. Cats wink! Also, your eyelashes are super prettyful. Like your face :D
    I personally love this mascara xD I never use it on my top lashes though. The reason I really like it though, is because it's perfect for creating the kind of falsies like effect on the bottom lashes. I find that it's only smudgy if you put more than 2 coats on, so you should try it out on your lower lashes :DD

  3. The design is very cute ^-^ I liked your review! Your lashes are really pretty btw! :3

  4. This packaging is soo cute and adorable but I guess Tony Moly is popular for their sweet packagings, hehe! Thanks for review, I'll look for this mascara.

  5. Hey there!!
    I got the Kiss Me mascara when I was visiting Hong Kong so I can't remember ^^"
    You can probably find it on or on another site that sells Asian cosmetics
    Hope this helps c:

  6. Looks like a really interesting mascaras I always see this mascara on ebay and thanks for this review.

  7. I think Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl did the job better than tony moly cats wink mascara, but the packaging is cuter though ^^

  8. the packaging looks so cute!!

  9. I was hoping that it works because the package is so cute....but only therefore I won't buy it..



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