Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner Brown Review

It's review time guys! Today I will be talking about the brown version Maybelline's gel eyeliner. I have been using brown liner instead of black recently. I just wanted a change I guess. Plus it was an excuse to try out another gel liner haha!

Maybelline and MAC

Like most of my reviews I will be comparing the product being reviewed with a similar product I already own. Today I will be using my HG gel liner MAC Fluidline for comparison. At first glance, I can say that Maybelline has won in terms of packaging for me. However, will the actual product match up to the standards of MAC's?


As you can see the liner by Maybelline is a true brown and the one by MAC is black. This is a good sign in my books as sometimes when you by something brown it can look a bit more on the black side. I would say that the pigmentation of Maybelline's liner is on par with MAC. I don't know about the black version of Maybelline's liner but the brown version is a bit shimmery. It doesn't really bother me since it isn't too noticable.

Tightlined. Brown (Maybelline) on the left and black (MAC) on the right

The results are pretty similar. I do prefer tightlining with the Maybelline liner though. My eyeliner usually transfers by the end of the day no matter what I do (tips to prevent this anyone?) and because my Maybelline liner is brown, it looks more natural and less of a mess compared to my black one by MAC.

Both eyes lined. Maybelline on the left. MAC on the right.

Asides from the colour, the results are pretty similar. Applying the Maybelline eyeliner was as smooth as MAC's. Both are smudgeproof and long lasting.

Non-close-up shot of the liners. An excuse to camwhore

The brown liner is slightly less intense that the black liner. If you want to go for a softer look try switching from black to brown :)


The Good:

~ Pigmented
~ Smooth application
~ Long lasting
~ Cute jar packaging
~ Cheaper alternative to MAC

The Bad:

~ Shimmers in liner may bother some people
~ I don't like the brush that comes with it (though it does make a pretty good lip brush!)

Conclusion time! Is the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner as good as the MAC Fluidline Liner? Yes! I'm my opinion it is a very good dupe for MAC's liner! It's cheaper too! Jing-Jing approves and reccomends this gel liner :D


  1. I put my eyes for awhile on maybelline liner gel.. I have read many good review about this.. Is this smudgeproof on oily lids too?

  2. I have the Maybelline ones in brown~ c: I really love them! :'D Definitely worth the buy~ c:

  3. ooh the brown looks really nice with your eye colour, very natural!

  4. Whoo you have Jiyeon (T-ara) eyes! So pretty! This is my everyday brown eyeliner since I'm dirt poor and not nearly rich enough to use MAC as an everyday liner hahaha. I've been using this for 2 years or more if I'm not mistaken? They've even changed where they made the stuff since I started using it hahaha. I happen to love the brush it comes with though :P I guess it comes with getting used to things :P

    Glad to see this works for you as well. I heard it's not quite as long lasting on oilier skin D:

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. I like the black liner best on you :)

  6. Ah, that's good to know! Mac is still a dream though! ^^
    Thank you for the review!
    .. I always find an excuse to cam-whore... - 3-


  7. I love using Maybelline's gel liner too! :) the black one doesnt have shimmer but the charcoal-grey version does! I dont really have any tips on stopping eyeliner from transferring (i just avoid tight-lining because I have naturally puffy eyelids so they transfer no matter what XD), you could try setting it with eyeshadow?

  8. Both liners did a pretty good job but I think I prefer Mac more but of course maybelline can always be handy at times ^_~

  9. I've tried setting it before but my eyeshadow just ends up falling into my eyeball and making me cry x'D It might just be the shadow I was using so I might get a different one and give setting the liner another shot :)

  10. It's pretty smudgeproof on me but my lids aren't that oily. Sorry I can't really give an answer ^^" Maybe you could try priming your eyes beforehand?


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