Friday, 22 March 2013

OFOTD: Geek Girl

Yesterday I went bowling with my boyfriend (which I'll probably blog about in my next post :D) and this is what I wore.

Bleh cloudy days!

~ Sweater - ARK
~ Cardigan - Boyfriend's (from River Island)
~ Skirt - Matalan
~Creepers -

It is a bird? It is a plane? No it's Geek Girl *snorts*

Shoe shot!

Vote me?

I've actually entered this outfit into boohoo's #globalstyler competition. The prize is a holiday so I thought why not give it a shot?! The rule was to snap yourself in an outfit that best represents your style. I would say my style is where girly meets schoolboy. If I'm not wearing a blazer and shirt I've probably nicked borrowed something that's my boyfriends to wear haha! If you like my style it would be so awesome and mean so much to me if you liked my photo on instagram by clicking here ( ^__^ ) If not, no biggie, I tried x'D

Have a great day and blog to you soon!


  1. Adorable outfit! I've seen quite a few of those Geek sweaters around and was contemplating getting one myself. Love the shoes too!

  2. cute! would love to vote u but I don't have instagram :(

  3. You look adorable! And the cardigan looks so comfy :)

  4. beautiful! *___* <3

    Mikki |

  5. Beautiful outfit! >u< You look so comfy!

  6. Really cute ^-^

  7. this is a really cute preppy and casual outfit! love the shoes too :)

  8. Hi sweetie! I so love to do it but shipping to Europe is a tad bit expensive :/ I'll have to save up first! How about doing it in a couple of months?

    PS I'll vote for you, good luck! :)


  9. Girly meets schoolboy, that sounds interesting. Actually, i like it and I definitely love your "geek" shirt and those shoes.

    Check out my blog if you have time. ^_^

    Geek Gone Girly

  10. Hey girl no worries! If you're still up for it in a couple of months that's fine with me ^^
    And thank you! Also check you emails Miss Winner ;D

  11. Angel Diamante6 April 2013 at 09:12

    Sweetie! Thank you so much, I'm ecstatic :)) Hope you got my reply :) As to the swap, what Asian products would you like to receive? Maybe you can start sending me a list now and I'll have everything ready in 2 months :)


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