Sunday, 10 March 2013

Slice of Life: Heavenly Desserts

I feel like I haven't really been with it with the blog world recently. Life has been pretty hectic this week; a deadline I didn't know took away my social life before I knew it. Whilst I was rushing for this deadline a job interview happened to pop up too!! I've been applying for jobs constantly since the beginning of the year with no luck; I was so happy to finally get a response but it was a pretty bad time for them to decide to interview me this week! I still went anyway since I know they'd probably not rearrange my interview and pass it on to someone else (plus I really want a job :'D). So happy this week is over and that my work is in. And oh, I got the job too which makes the end of this week that much better ( >w< )

In celebration of getting a job and my life back, my boyfriend and I decided to go get us some sugar fixes at Heavenly Desserts.

Choices . . .

I got a Nutella Waffle

The dude's cookie dough cookie dessert

The desserts were yummyyyyy!! But it got too sickly towards the end; my boyfriend struggled and I couldn't finish mine ( >_<" ) Felt so bad because I hate wasting food! Felt even more bad because it not like Heavenly Desserts is that cheap either!! But that still doesn't stop us from returning. We always leave the place thinking "yeah...let's share one dessert between us next time" but each time we go back we for some reason believe we can finish one each...aahhhhh I blame the presentation ( =w=" )

Hope everyone had a good week! What did you get up to?


  1. Ooh woah congrats on getting the job chick! Lek lui! What kind of job is? Retail? :)))

  2. They look very good, yummiii :3

  3. Thanks Plum! Yep it's my first ever retail job; I'm going to be working at Next :D

  4. I saw your instagram post on this. Yummmmmmm
    I love reading your food pron posts, even though they're so bad for my diet.
    Which one did you like better? the cookie dough or nutella waffle? They both look amazingly delicious


  5. dying, looking at how good all of this looks! i am having a lovely week on holiday in ca!
    xx rae

  6. OMG..I'm so hungry nowwww....

  7. Looks great! My bf would love to eat all that chocolate haha~

  8. I'm not a big fan of cookie dough (OMG I know!!) so I'd have to say the waffle ^^"
    Though saying that the cookie dough was pretty yummy too so it's growing on me!


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