Friday, 26 April 2013

OFOTD: Je ne parle pas français

Hi girls...and guys! This week has yet again been a busy week but I feel really good about it. Because I've sold my soul to my uni work, I'm feeling a lot less stressed compared to my previous deadlines. My deadlines is in 3 weeks and I've actually been working on it since...the beginning of April maybe? I'm actually not leaving my project till the last minute. WTF right?! I'm actually procrastinating less for once!!! And I feel GOOD :D Oh and I've also started jogging too this week! I'm going on two holidays this summer (YAAAAY!) so I need to get that summer body haha! Becoming a more organized and active person, I don't know what's gotten into me but let's hope this is a change in lifestyle and not just a phase :L

So yeah, that's the story of my life for this week! I think I'm going to start rambling about my life a bit more in my OFOTD posts. You know, to beef up the content ha! Hope it doesn't bore you guys ( ^^") Anyway, moving on, here's another outfit I put together . . .

~ Hoodie - River Island
~ Skirt - Matalan
~ Boots - New Look
~ Bag - Rootote




Hope you like the look! See you in my next post c:


  1. Cute ootd! :'D I really love that bag you have~ c:

    Good on you for starting things earlier! :'D I started doing that near the end of last semester too, and it really is a stress-reducer! c: Best of luck on your projects~ And I'm jealous of your holidays! c:

  2. Great outfit sweetie! also good luck with your project ^o^

  3. This is a cute comfy outfit :3! Good luck working out!

  4. you are too cute >.< I love the outfit

  5. Cute! and yay for becoming a more organised person and for starting jogging! Keep up the good work to get that summer body!

    Lotsa lovely greetings,


  6. haha, the 1,2,3 shot is so cute and adorable!! so kawaiii overloaded =)

  7. Super cute outfit ^^ Looks cosy and comfy~
    The tote bag print is really cute as well!


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