Sunday, 21 April 2013

Slice of Life: Bowling

Hey guys! I'm still alive!! Still not fully back in the swing of blogging yet. I will have to try harder xD The past couple of weeks have been busy, busyy, busyyy! I was offered extra hours at work last week which I struggled to say "no" to. Anybody else have this problem? Shouldn't have been so money hungry; I now feel like I'm behind on uni work ( @__@") I just worked my normal hours this week but I haven't had the chance to properly catch up with my studies because two of my good friends had their birthdays this week!! I've played hard, now I need to work hard >:'D

Anyway, back to the main topic of this post; bowling!! I actually went back in the Easter holidays which was about a month ago. Man I'm so behind with posting. But hey, better late than never! Enjoy the photospam :)

Bowling shoes. My boyfriend things they're dorkie but I think they're kinda cool lol. Would you wear them on a normal day??

Balls *immature giggle*

Old school scoring system. I suck at bowling :(

We played pool too! I lost at pool too :'(

TIME CRISIS!!! The game I can usually redeem myself with. I survived longer than my boyfriend huhuu~

Omnomnomnomnommmmm. I wanted to win one so bad. Maybe next time :'D

Another game I usually play at the acrades. I prefer Time Crisis though (because I play better on it :L )

Wish me luck with my work and studies so I can blog to you lovelies soon :3


  1. It was! Can't wait till I finish this year so I can start having fun again in the summer holidays :'D
    And thanks I need it xD

  2. I really wanted to win one :'3

    And thank you girl, I hope I do too *fingers crossed*


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