Friday, 31 May 2013

Photospam: OMNOMNOM

Eeep I haven't blogged in quite a while! My excuse is that I've been moving around a lot lately. Since I've finished my 2 year I've been slowly moving my belongings back home from my uni house as I will be on holiday during the switch between my current student house to the next. To make it up to you guys, here is a post dedicated to FOOD! I've actually eating out quite a few times, taken pictures but never got around to posting them. Enjoy the foodporn ( ^__^ )

Hope you guys don't mind the lack of text. I'm letting the pictures do the talking hehee~! I haven't really been in a bloggy mood recently with all this moving about. I can only move one suitcase full of things each time and to get back and forth I have to take a 4+ hour train journey *cries* So yeah, word of warning, I'm going to be still in the process of moving things so this blog is going to be a bit on the slow side for the next few weeks ( ^^") Plus I have planned to see family and friends before I go on holiday! I don't think I've mentioned it yet but I'm going to visit America with my boyfriend :D We're going to Orlando for 2 weeks so if anyone has been and could recommend some places to visit then recommend away! I'd love to know where would be good to eat because...well, if you can't tell from this post...I love me some food *slurps*

Blog to you soon...maybe!


  1. omg all that food looks so delicious!

  2. wahhhhhhhhhh, food porn!! all the food look so yummy!! ^_~

  3. Omggg That looks so gooddd! Why do you do this to my heart and mind???? XP


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