Sunday, 12 May 2013

Slice of Life: Let's Make a Wish

Yesterday a good friend in uni had a surprize for a bunch of her friends!! Everyone had no idea what was going on. It was late at night and majority of people were getting cold and complaining a little (including me lol) as we walked to where the surprize was going to take place. Deadlines and exams are coming...why now?! We finally got to the destination which was near a river. The suprize was Chinese lanterns! Facing the cold was worth it after all ( ^__^ )

The boyfriend and the lantern



Fly my pretty!!


Lanterns floating into the night

There were more lanterns but we failed epicly to set them off all at the same time. Some just didn't want to fly...including mine ( ; ___ ; ) My wish isn't going to come true waaaaa~! Talking about wishes, I really wish I had my camera on me so I could've captured better pictures; the lanterns were so cool and pretty! Although I don't have any nice photos I will always remember how beautiful last night was. Things like this makes me happy to know such wonderful people in my life c: My friend is such a sweet girl for organizing this surprize! I've only known her for a year but unfortunately she may be switching universities next year as she wants to go to one that's better with her course :( I guess this is why we did the lanterns yesterday during the season of deadlines and exams; people start going home when they are done for the year...As much as I want my friend to stay at our uni, I wish her all the best with the future :)

Blog to you guys soon! My deadline is next Thursday then I'm FREEEEEEE~ ( >w< )


  1. Yeah! Chinese lanterns! :D :D
    Ah, it looks so fun though - and your wish WILL come true - keep believing! :D

  2. Those Chinese lanterns are really beautiful - I love the idea of making a wish and letting the lanterns carry it into the sky. I'm sure your wish will come true, even if your lantern didn't really fly ^_^

  3. Your friend is so cool :D
    My friends and I tried flying these lanterns once, haha, but as soon as they flew away from us I realized that I forgot to write my wishes on there T^T

    haha, anyway, hope all your wishes come true!! ^_^


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