Thursday, 2 May 2013

Slice of Life: My BFFs

Today I'm procrastinating *fail* I will be posting about my besties :)

Purikuras from Easter

I was able to see my girls again on two occasions last month (in the Easter holidays and for a birthday). I hardly see them because of uni so it was definitely nice to catch up again. The last time I saw the two was on my birthday which was way back in December D:

December 2012

Although we now live further apart, have made new friends and live seperate lives...I've never felt closer to them than ever before c: Being seperated for so long means we have tons to talk about as well as reminiscing the past! I always look forward to seeing these two and I now have something else to look forward too!!

Birthday present for one of my girls (let's call her SA_lover!)

We'd been talking about going on a girly holiday together so my other girl (gonna call her DW_hater) and I decided to get SA_lover her ticket because she was saying how she isn't sure she can afford it. She thought we were trolling her at first because DW_hater made a fake ticket because it looks better than just pages and pages of a boring email printed off xD It didn't help that the card I made printed at the wrong size and I didn't have another bit of card and decided to slot in in a Garnier sample because I had no envelopes *mega epic fail*. Why get a card that's rediculiously big when you can get a rediculiously tiny one :'D ? At least SA_lover found it funny! But yeah, the holiday day is real! TENERIFE SUMMER 2013 HERE WE COMEEEEEE!!

The front of SA_lover's birthday card

The birthday girl wanted a meaningful card so we decided to use pictures of us three; memories ( ^.^ ) I've known DW_hater pretty much all my like and SA_lover since...Year 8 or 9?

When SA_lover transferred to our school

I recently found out DW_hater still reads my blog and SA_lover has started to too so I'm uploading this photo for the lolz. Ahhh haven't we grown from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans! I'm sorry for giving you lame names SA_lover and DW_hater but I hope to get the joke LOLOLOL! Love you girls 

Do you have a BFF/ any BFFs?
See you in my next post guys!


  1. Awwwh you guys are so cute. You really find out your real friends at uni, you don't even have to speak to them often and you're still so close when you're reunited!! Super jelly you're going to Tenerife!! Hope you have a fab fab time! ^^

  2. ooh, its just so nice to see long time friends again! and all of you look really cute and pretty ^_~


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