Thursday, 27 June 2013

Slice of Life: Cute Scrapbooks and Organization

I guess this can sort of be a haul post too but there's more to it than the cute notebooks I recently bought. But first...let me show you the cute books I recently bought xD

Cute right :D

I've decided to start making scrapbooks! I have such a big collections of various tickets from the past, stickers, cloth tags etc. They all started off at a small pile, then moved into boxes, then I sort of gave up when the boxes were full lol.

Purikura scrapbook

I have a lot of purikura sheets too which were just laying around. If I stick everything in scrapbooks then I'll have a lot less sheets of random stuff hiding all over my room :) I'm trying really hard to get organized in my life. Why?

In the process of moving my belongings out of my student house back home it hit me; I am on the verge of becoming a hoarder. I have sooooooo much stuff!! I always knew I had a lot of junk but it really is too much. I stumbled upon a youtuber called "Pinksofoxy" and she had some vlogs on decluttering. I could really relate to her in those videos because I have the exactly same problem as her; if not worse :'D

This week I've been really on it with getting rid of my stuff. I usually get rid of a few things but before I know it, I've collected more useless junk such as cute packaging and materials I think I'll use for projects which I rarely do! This week I've donated half of my wardrobe because a lot of the things aren't really to my taste any more. I've also recycled a load of my school textbooks and work sheets why my Mum kept for me just in case I need them again; I've never looked at them twice! Some of these schoolbooks where from my Reception years ( O_____o") And oh, you know the cool stuff you always find when you're tidying then get distracted? Yeah I got rid of a lot of those too. This will not only declutter my room but stop me from getting distracted again the next time I tidy! I've been trying be a tidier, more organized person for years but my journey truely starts today ( ^_____^ )

Do you make scrapbooks? Are you a tidy person? Do you have any tips? Do share :D

Saturday, 22 June 2013

OFOTD: Down Under

Is this post up?? If it is then my scheduling plan has worked! Here is an outfit I took a while again back :)


Monday, 17 June 2013

Beauty Swap with Angel!

Hey guys! If you are reading this write now, it means I'm on my way to America :D Instead of taking a hiatus I've decided to write a few and schedule the posts because I've neglected this blog for quite a bit so I'm gonna put back in the effort that I haven't been recently :) Hope this scheduling thing works!

So back onto the topic, a few months ago I did a beauty swap with the lovely Angel! This was my first swap so I was very excited to shop for her and see what I'd get!

Message from Angel. Her writing is so neat!!

So let me show you what I got!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

OFOTD: Superdry. Super Lazy

Hello pretty peeps! Sorry my blogging has not been very consistent recently. I've literally been up, down and across the country! Last week I visited my friends in London, when back to uni to collect my result and work and moved the last of my belongings out of my student house back home...phew! Because of this, I've been super lazy for the pass couple of days; I've pretty much just laid on the sofa, ate and slept! Then I started feeling guilty about the lack of things I've now I'm blogging :D Because I like to always include at least one image in my post and I only have pre-shot outfit photos, an outfit post it will be! Here is an outfit shot to show you guys what I would wear on days I feel like a bum :L

For some reason my feet look like they're covered in dirt. I swear it's the shadow's fault D: