Thursday, 27 June 2013

Slice of Life: Cute Scrapbooks and Organization

I guess this can sort of be a haul post too but there's more to it than the cute notebooks I recently bought. But first...let me show you the cute books I recently bought xD

Cute right :D

I've decided to start making scrapbooks! I have such a big collections of various tickets from the past, stickers, cloth tags etc. They all started off at a small pile, then moved into boxes, then I sort of gave up when the boxes were full lol.

Purikura scrapbook

I have a lot of purikura sheets too which were just laying around. If I stick everything in scrapbooks then I'll have a lot less sheets of random stuff hiding all over my room :) I'm trying really hard to get organized in my life. Why?

In the process of moving my belongings out of my student house back home it hit me; I am on the verge of becoming a hoarder. I have sooooooo much stuff!! I always knew I had a lot of junk but it really is too much. I stumbled upon a youtuber called "Pinksofoxy" and she had some vlogs on decluttering. I could really relate to her in those videos because I have the exactly same problem as her; if not worse :'D

This week I've been really on it with getting rid of my stuff. I usually get rid of a few things but before I know it, I've collected more useless junk such as cute packaging and materials I think I'll use for projects which I rarely do! This week I've donated half of my wardrobe because a lot of the things aren't really to my taste any more. I've also recycled a load of my school textbooks and work sheets why my Mum kept for me just in case I need them again; I've never looked at them twice! Some of these schoolbooks where from my Reception years ( O_____o") And oh, you know the cool stuff you always find when you're tidying then get distracted? Yeah I got rid of a lot of those too. This will not only declutter my room but stop me from getting distracted again the next time I tidy! I've been trying be a tidier, more organized person for years but my journey truely starts today ( ^_____^ )

Do you make scrapbooks? Are you a tidy person? Do you have any tips? Do share :D


  1. Those notebooks look really cute. I love the first one with the tickets. Haha then it would be so much fun to organize your room. I love organizing and putting things together. In the end you feels fresh. I like to color coordinate my clothes in my closet. Maybe try that? It helps figure out where and what to wear.

  2. aww, those notebooks are so cute and pretty ^_~

  3. Cute notebooks! I used to do some scrapbooking, but then that made me hoard even more stuff (stickers, papers, ribbons for decorating etc etc)! I have a lot of clutter too - I try to declutter a few times a year but it aint easy >_<

    I didn't realize how much stuff I had accumulated in my student residence until I started trying to pack my things away. My things tend to clutter up a little bit, but I get really annoyed when things are messy, so I tend to do mini clean ups every three days or so, and large clean-ups/re-organizing at least once a month. xD

  5. pretty and cute notebook~

  6. well yes, these really ARE cute! so are the pictures inside them hihi :)
    lovely blog, my dear <3


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