Friday, 26 July 2013

America 2013: Disney World

I had quite a hard time figuring out on how to write about my holiday because a) I don't have all the pictures I took since we took some on disposable cameras and have yet to develop them, and b) there's just so much to show you guys and talk about #bloggerproblems. Today it suddenly crossed my mind...why don't I break down my holiday post into several posts? GENIUS! Gotta be honest, I've been putting of writing about my holiday because I just didn't know how to go about doing it ( ^^" ) I can't believe it took me so long to think of solution haha. Anyway, let me stop rambling and start the first part of my holiday post; Disneyland!


Bus Station and Epcot

The Disneyland in Florida is so big it has buses to take you to the different parks. This was totally different to Disneyland Paris which I'd previously been to where the other park was a walk away. In total if I remember correctly, Disney World Florida consisted of four parks? Unfortunately due to our funds and it being near the end of our holiday (yeah...I'm not doing my holiday posts chronologically :'D), my boyfriend and I were only able to visit one of the parks. So we chose . . .

Hollywood Studios!

Mike Wazowski and Sulley

This Monsters University...display? was the first when we saw as soon as we entered the park. We ironically went so see the film the day it was released at...Universal LOL. But that will have to wait for another post; we're talking about Disney today!


This photo took so long to take! You know those photos you have to find someone to take it for you, teach them to use your camera, wait for an empty spot of the scenery you want to take the photo in and then slip in as soon as you see that spot? This was one of those lol! Luckily we got a good shot! The man who took our photo kindly took a few others so we had some choices but but they will probably never see the light ever again x'D


We didn't wake up in time to grab some bites for breakfast you we ended up eating at a restaurant inside Disney. We dined at a 50s themed restaurant. Like many theme parks, food was more expensive than usual but with the theme being so cool and great service, we couldn't help but enjoy the experience on the whole

What's this?

This cool retro toy thingy is a "View Master". If you look into it sort of like a pair of binoculars, you'll see the dessert menu! To see a different dessert you simple push the level on the side down. Pretty neat right?

Streets of Hollywood Studios

The weather was very bipolar the day we visited Disney. Luckily, unlike the UK, it is still pretty warm when it does rain which blew my mind a little. Warm rain; what is this?! Oh yeah see that tower in the background? It's called Hollywood Tower and was probably my favourite ride in the park :)

Sitting down before the stunt show

My boyfriend really wanted to watch the stunt show in the park so we headed there first since a show was about to start by the time we had finished eating. Didn't get any shots during the actual show because there was too much action for me to pay attention to my camera. The show had car chases, guns, people jumping off of buildings and explosions. In other worlds: it was awesome!

More street of Hollywood Studios

Even though I knew I was in a theme park, because there were road markings I couldn't help but look behind me every now and again making sure there were no cars xD

Hey Mickey! You lost?


After seeing this store's sign my boyfriend and I kept on trying to talk in a New York accent. I sucked at it lol

So biiiiiiig!

This part of the park was based on the film "Honey I Shrunk the Kids". I've never seen the movie before but it was pretty cool getting a feel of what it's like to be an ant I guess

*pokes* Eww...

Walking around some more. Mona Lisa got swag.

Muppets Fountain


Mr Potato Head!

He told jokes and sang! It got a little annoying after a while since the queue was so long we had to stand and listen to him for ageeeees

Mickey's Wizard Hat

Monster's University's Homecoming Performance

The movie was pretty heavily premoted in the park. I'm pretty sure most people liked Monster's Inc so they were interested. I know I was!

Mike Wazowski Cupcake

More foodporn to coming in my next post ;D
Blog to you soon!


  1. Looked like a ton of fun! You and your boyfriend look so cute. :) And i love that 50s theme diner! God that Mike Wazowski cupcake is just too cute. Can't wait to see your food porn post!

  2. The cupcake is just wow! :)

    Keep in touch!

  3. whoa! looks so fun and interesting! XD I want to blog about my holiday too :D

  4. Ah I remember having one of those toy binoculars when I was a kid. I had different "films" or whatever you call the circular thingy you put into it, like Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse, etc. It was cool they should make toys like that these days ^_^

  5. eep!! i wanna go!! so lucky you got to go XD


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