Thursday, 18 July 2013

America 2013 Haul

As the title suggests, here is an overview of the things I purchased in America~

American Make Up

As a beauty junkie, of course I had to buy some American exclusive make up!! I got...

~ Maybelline Baby Lips; after buying one since I forgot to bring lipbalm on my trip, I fell in love and bought more! No wonder everybody raves about them!!
~ EOS Lipbalm; we can get this in the UK but the price has been jacked up so I took the opportunity to get it while it was cheap.
~ Three lip crayons; one by Victoria's Secrets and two by Hard Candy. Can anybody guess what my new obsession is?
~ Covergirl LashBlast Volume Mascara; I am a mascara junkie so I had to buy at let one even though I still have some I need to try/use up. Finally jumped on to the LashBlast bandwagon after hearing it being raved from what seems like so many years ago. Better late than never huh?
~ Wet n Wild stuff; I heard the trios were good so I bought one for a friend because I don't really us eyeshadows. Picked up the H2O Proof eyeliner...because...why not? I hope it's good haha!
~ Revlon Lipbutter in Tutti Fruit; used to LOVE this shade but I managed to lose it (plus a couple more *cries*) when I left my make up bag on a coach *sad times*. Lipbutters are a little expensive (in my opinion) so I never repurchased but thanks to conversion rates they're slightly cheap in the US. Only picked up one since most of the spending money was to be spent on attractions.

Top from Old Navy. Skirt from Forever 21

I've always avoided tops with Hello Kitty on because as much as I love her, she makes me look so young. But heck, I was in America and on holiday so that was my excuse so I caved in!

Two more tops from Forever 21

Forever 21 was like heaven for me and my boyfriend's hell! I wish we had more Forever 21s in the UK *sigh*


One of the things on my shopping list. I've wanted to buy Vans for tiiiiimes but didn't want to fork out the money. Gotta love conversion rates!

Safety chain and new charm to add to my Pandora bracelet

I wanted to buy the safety chain as a present for myself for surviving my second year of uni but waited until I went to America because, yep, you guessed it! Conversion rates!! Also got picked suitcase charm which represent my holiday


Got this done at Universal because my boyfriend and I have always talked about getting a caricature done together. Does it look like us? I think the artist made my boyfriend look like a member of The Beatles haha!


What a pathetic food haul. Don't worry guys, I'll make it up to you in a foodporn post ;) Man I wish I could've bought more! Food in America is so much better than what we have in the UK


Finishing this post with a photo from my holiday which will link nicely to my next post of what I got up to. IT'S SO FLUFFY I NEARLY DIED!!! So I bought it.

See you in my next post!


  1. omg that soft toy is sooo cute and looks so fluffy! Hehe despicable me "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die"
    Awesome haul! I want to go to the US too.

  2. very nice haul! I love your HK top hehehe

  3. Your new tops from Forever 21 are really cute! nice haul :)

  4. awww pretty and cute haul~~ haha your last pic is super cute <3

  5. D'aww~ You're so cute! >u<
    I didn't know F21 wasn't in the UK! o:

    Love the hauls~

  6. the f21 clothes are so lovely plus the last photos is uberly cute! both you and the fluffy ^_~

  7. so many goodies! I love the EOS lipbalm too,a little ball of fun. Haha, tell us more about your trip away soon plzzz! ^^

  8. FLUFFY!!!! Me want to hug your unicorn!! XD The black Baby Lips was the first thing that caught my eye! Unfortunately the ones available in Australia are the untinted ones. I don't know why!

  9. I have the exact same eos lip balm :))


  10. Awesome haul, hope when you have the time, can you do some reviews? And great style, I love the clothes you bought. :)

  11. I love i love your makeup haul ;) and i agree, i wouldve died w the fluffiness too :)

  12. Of course I can! Are there any particular products you want a review on? I'll try to review them first :)

  13. Thank you! I appreciate this. ^_^ The lip butters most definitely.


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