Friday, 5 July 2013

Ramblings on 4th July

[edit] I know it's the 5th today...I got too tired to finish and publish this post for yesterday #epicfail ( ; w ; ")

Hi guys! I'm back and Happy Independence Day America!! I'm finally back in real-time-blogging-mode again which means I'm not in the states anymore to celebrate 4th July huuuu~ Oh well, at least I was able to experience the build up to it!

I celebrated 4th July in my all American Hello Kitty home...inside. No BBQs for me :'D

Soooo America. . . probably the best holiday I've had so far in my life! I have so many pictures to show you guys but I will be saving that in my future posts. As a tribute to America's special day and a start to my posts about my holiday, here are a few little things I've loved about America which I miss!

~ The weather - This probably various from state to state but I was lucky enough to stay in Orlando, Florida and the weather was gorgeous! Proper summer weather; nice and hot everyday unlike the UK!

~ The space - SO MUCH SPACE FOR ACTIVITIES!!!! I actually felt a bit claustrophobic when I arrived back home. Everything in America is so spread out and....less cluttered I guess. It makes the environment seem less stressful in my opinion.

~ Free refills - The first meal we had at a restaurant my boyfriend and I had lemonade (which we learn was actually completely different from the lemonade we have in the UK. Still very yummy though!) and the waitress just came up to our table and topped up our glasses. We asked if it was free and she was like "ummm....yeahhhh?". AMERICA...U SO GENEROUS!!!

~ Iced Tea - I'm not sure if this is just a Florida thing...but iced tea is everywhere! Sweet, raspberry, peach, lemon etc. I was in h-e-a-v-e-n because I LOOOOOOVE ice tea!

~ The flavour of grape - I love it! But it's rare in the UK...

~ Cheap to eat out - Asides from free refills making it cheaper when dining out compared to the UK, food portions are BIIIIIIG in America! Delicious too! My boyfriend and I shared majority of our meals together when we learnt that we will never a dish on our own. Sometimes the portions are so big that even the two of us can't finish it together!!

~ Size matters - A regular drink in the US is bigger than a large in the UK! Funny story; the days I came back to the UK I go so thirsty from lugging around my suitcase I decided to stop at McDonald's and ordered a large Fanta. When I got it I asked the guys serving me "is this a large?" and he replied "yeah"...

~ American products - Why do countries have to jack up the prices so much when something is imported?! I have been using something called "Aquaphor" for my eczema. The tube I have is 40ml and cost around £8 I think. I bought a 396g tube of the stuff from Walmart for about 14USD which google says it's about £9.29. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt?!?!?! Imagine if it was on offer!!!

~ Walmart Supercenter - Puts the British superstores to shame. The Walmart I visited sold literally everything. EVERYTHING!

There are probably more things but I can't remember them all at the moment. Man I really wish I could live in USA. America I love you!!

Have you ever been to a country and felt it was so much better than the one you live it xP ? Do share!

Blog to you soon :)


  1. I like the top ^.^

    I would loooove to visit America! So right, some things that we buy in our countries are much more expensive than there! Especially makeup! As example, Nyx eye primer costs there 1$, but in my country a bit more than 5$ =__= Not to mention that here is not available 70% of makeup/skin care products that available there uhh. Haha my complaints!! ><

    Anyways, so good you are back =)

  2. Haha I'm from America. It's funny reading all the things you listed out and seeing how different it is in other countries. Like the free refills. I had no idea that was just an America thing. Lol I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation here. :) Btw cute top.

  3. Glad to know you had a great time in the States! Omg, free refills! That sounds really nice! I can only think of 2 places that do it here...
    Your HK top is super cute too ^_^

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing holiday ^^; I've never been to the US but my sister has and she's ecstatic as you are about everything in America XD especially the prices and the food sizes ahaha looking forward to your future posts on the US

  5. Great post!
    Glad to know you had a wonderful time in USA!
    Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  6. sound like everything in the US sound big xD

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  7. Super cute shirt! You look adorable :D

    Heyyyy the prices of imports are worse here, drugstore products sometimes cost up to $30!

  8. Love your shirt! :D


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