Thursday, 22 August 2013

Let's Style: Peach Lace Skirt

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've done an outfit post! Remember that I said that I will be changing the way I do them? Well instead of just sharing one outfit in one post, I though I'd start doing posts where I pick out one piece and create several outfit with it. To kick start this series, today we will be styling a peach tutu skirt.


1. Basic

Stripes are a great simple pattern that goes with a lot of things. I've picked black and white because I feel combining the two with another colour makes a good colour palette for an outfit. Since the outfit is pretty neutral on the whole I decided to go with some beige sandals to stick with that neutralness.

2. Classy

Lace is a feminine fabric some it's perfect for when you want to get dolled up. As you can see, I am a true lover of the black, white and <insert third colour> combo so here it is again!

3. Rocker

Who said lace can only be feminine? This outfit isn't really me but I probably would have worn it a few years ago back in my jrock days. Ahhh teenage years! I've toughened the lace by making every other piece black. Black tee with skulls plus black boots plus black shades and you'll look like a rockstar ha! I decided to add in a peach hippie back so there's something to balance the skirt since my hair is black too.

4. Dreamy

As I said before, lace is feminine. With the skirt being a light colour I decided to create an airy fairy romantic look. Everything in this outfit is light in colour however the shades are different to give it some sort of dimension. Too much of one colour can look weird if the shades are too similar in my opinion. 

5. Casual

Skirts can look casual as long as you make it casual. Here I'm wearing Vans; if I wore heels the look would be completely different. Shoes can make a big difference to an outfit! I've paired the skirt with navy items because I feel peach and navy together are a pretty good match. Matching your shoe colour with your top is a good way of balancing an outfit.

Peach Skirt - Forever 21, Striped Tank - Primark, Wedge Sandals - Yesstyle, Sheer Blouse - H&M, Oxford Heels - Tommy Hilfiger, Bowler Hat - H&M, Punky Tank - SEX POT ReVeNGe, Black Boots - Doc Martens, Shady Shades - N/A (free from magazine), Hippie Headband - N/A (Gift), Romantic Top - Hong Kong, Collar Top - Forever 21, Navy Vans - Vans

How you guys like this new way I'm going to do my fashion posts. I will probably still do OOTDs every now and then on my instagram so feel free to check it out *shameless*. If there is anything you want to see styled please let me know because if I own it I'll try to do a post on it!

Blog to you soon!


  1. thats a super cute skirt! i like the Dreamy and classy look the best!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I'll be looking forward to more of these outfit series. :) My personal favorites was the rocker & dreamy look. Very cute skirt indeed. Hmm, how about styling a graphic tee? Or color tights? I have tights in yellow & purple yet I have no idea how to make them work. Haha

  3. Loving this new outfit post layout of yours! I think I like the basic and the dreamy outfits the best ^_ ^
    I'm forever making the mistake of buying items that only go with one other thing in my closet >_< So I'm trying to get in the habit of at least trying to envision at least two outfits with something before I buy it.

  4. I really enjoyed this post ^^ The skirt is so cute and I love the classy outfit the most.. that's probably how I would wear a skirt like this :D

  5. I love all your outfit pics :) Super cute!

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  6. Lovely outfit, it looks so nice on you! I especially like the second set !

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    Beauty review, D.I.Y, Beauty Tips and more...

  7. The second look with the blouse is perfect :)


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