Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tenerife 2013

Hello my lovelies! Sorry for being MIA recently. I've finally settled into my new house, uni has starting and the work is rolling in *eep* I've also been ill for over a week with a nasty chest infection, My body is aching from all the coughing huuuu...but that doesn't stop me from updating my blog!

So before all these recent happenings and catastrophes, I went on holiday to Tenerife with my best buddies. Today's blog will be a photospam of the trip; enjoy!

We were greeted by blue skies and palm trees at the airport, Paradise or what?!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yesstyle Beauty Haul

Hey guys! Sorry for going missing for a couple of weeks! I went on holiday again but to Tenerife this time with my girl friends. Will be blogging about it soon hopefully!

When I returned from my vacation I was greeted by my Yesstyle order. I hardly ever order from Yesstyle but I wanted to take advantage of their free shipping with no minimum spend promotion. Seems like the promotion has become a permenant thing though last time I checked the site (don't quote me on this) so props to Yesstyle! I really hope this free shipping thing stays forever. Man I used to hate their ridiculous shipping rates... but yeah, back onto topic, here is what I ordered!

Sorry for the bad iphone quality photos. I left my camera at uni!