Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yesstyle Beauty Haul

Hey guys! Sorry for going missing for a couple of weeks! I went on holiday again but to Tenerife this time with my girl friends. Will be blogging about it soon hopefully!

When I returned from my vacation I was greeted by my Yesstyle order. I hardly ever order from Yesstyle but I wanted to take advantage of their free shipping with no minimum spend promotion. Seems like the promotion has become a permenant thing though last time I checked the site (don't quote me on this) so props to Yesstyle! I really hope this free shipping thing stays forever. Man I used to hate their ridiculous shipping rates... but yeah, back onto topic, here is what I ordered!

Sorry for the bad iphone quality photos. I left my camera at uni!

QQ Foot The Foot Mask

I've been wanting to try a foot mask that makes your feet peel because my feet have gotten kind of gross during this summer (I won't go into any details...maybe in a review?) I did originally want to buy the one from The Face Shop but I think this was cheaper at the time.

Skinfood Goodies; Peach Sake Pore Serum and Tomato Smoothie Tint

I've been in need of a decent serum for some time now. I've tried a few serums from Western brands since they're easier for me to get but they were nowhere near as good as my Innisfree one! So now I'm going back to Asian brands for serums. As for the lip tint, the reason I got it was because I am addicted to lip products at the moment and wanted to own an orange lip tint (^^" )


After some quick googling I found out that the "milk talk" sample is a body wash and the BB cream is actually by Missha and not a brand called "Signature" lol.

Palty hair dyes

And finally, the star of this order, Palty!! If you haven't guessed already, I'm going to be going lighter! When I was growing out my hair to donate I didn't want to dye it. I used to dye my hair all the time when I was younger and thought it'd be a good idea to take a break from it for a few years. However, the urgent to dye my hair had never gone! I've never used an Asian brand of hair dye before so I'm pretty excited :D

And that my haul! Blog to you soon!


  1. nancy @ adore to adorn12 September 2013 at 17:40

    cute things! I can't wait to read about Palty!


    P.S. My Chinese name is Jing-Jing too!! =D

  2. I love palty hair dye products! I'm using only those :)

  3. Woah so many goodies! Keep us posted with the hair dye! ^^

  4. Great haul, there so many brands that have foot mask now! and I loved the colors of palty, but I only used it once since I lost a lot of hair by using it. But I think I used the one that included a little bleach XD
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  5. So jealous of your haul ! Maybe do a couple of reviews on those skinfood products ? ;)


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