Friday, 20 December 2013

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara Review

I've hear quite a lot of hype about this mascara so when I saw that a magazine was giving out samples I just had to buy it! It not just me who buys a magazine based on the free gift is it? Unfortunately this was a while ago so I couldn't tell you which magazine to buy. So, is this mascara worth the hype?

Anything mini is cute to me~

The brush is big with bristles

BADgal Lash Mascara on the left. Naked lashes on the right

I don't know why my eyes were so droopy. Maybe the mascara didn't just droop my lashes...

BGL Mascara versus 'Mascara X'

These photos were taken a while again so I honestly can't remember what the other mascara was. What I can tell you is that I probably liked Mascara X more. I don't know if you can tell, but I didn't like BADgal Lash at all. It did nothing to my lashes asides from make them worse! No volume. No length. No curl. Nada.

TL;DR (not that I wrote loads...)

The good . . .
~ Made my lashes look like they do naturally (but I wouldn't be curling them and wearing mascara if I did want to go for the naturally staight look)
~ I guess the packaging was cute

The bad . . .

I would definitely not recommend this for those who have pin-straight lashes. If you are blessed with naturally curled lashes you could give it a try; but it didn't give me any volume or length so in my opinion you'd be better off trying another mascara. This was probably the most disappointing mascara I have ever tried! I've yet to buy a high-end mascara and with Benefit being the first I've tried, they haven't exactly made me want to take that leap.

Hope you enjoyed this post despite the negativity!
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  1. I have that one as a sample as well and can´t wait to try it for myself :D

  2. Sometimes magazines have some good freebies! Mascara X definitely looks heaps better!

    I've got the Benefit They're Real mascara (sample size) and though they lengthened my lashes they made the curl completely droop. It works better over a waterproof lash primer though.

    I'm cautious about buying high end mascaras too - foundation I can understand, but mascara is harder to justify!

  3. I tried this one before and it worked quite similar to max factor false lash effect. But yeah that mascara X did give so much more volume from the swatch.
    Compared to badgal, I actually like They're real more ;)


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