Friday, 12 December 2014

Schwarzkopf Color Mask 550 Golden Brown Review

My hair lightening journey ended a couple months back when I decided to go dark for winter in time to see the family over in Hong Kong. I also want dark hair for my graduation. And so, the hair darkening journey began.

Decided to use Schwarzkopf again. I used an Asian Schwarzkopf dye last time I coloured my hair. Wanted to see how this one compared!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Food Diary: Photos that didn't make it on Instagram

Since moving to London I've been able to eat out a lot more. Because I'm a foodie, 99% of the time I will take a photo of my food before eating it. Yes I am that friend that's like "WAIT! I need to Instagram our food!!". The camera function on my phone is even usually on "square" mode just so I can get the composition perfect for Instagram.

However, as much as I love the photo-sharing platform, I am usually too hungry to edit, go through filters and upload on the spot. I don't want my food to get cold! I think to myself "I'll Instagram after I've eaten" but then I usually get too caught up with chatting; so I tell myself I'll do it when I get home. By the time I get home I probably have stuff I need to do or get distracted; so I tell myself that there's always #throwbackthursday. By the time Thursday comes I've completely forgotten I wanted to Instagram that meal. *sigh* #firstworldproblems right?

And thus, my collection of foodporn grows. It's grown to a point I need to delete them because I'm running out of space on my phone! I don't wanna spam Instagram so instead I'm going to make a post on my blog. Hope you enjoy! #nofilter by the way ;)

Carbonara - Prezzos

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner Review

Hello guys! Today I will be reviewing this "push up" liner from Benefit that seemed to be the talk of the beauty world when it was released. I got a sample of it from the current issue of Elle UK if anybody wants to try it out too. I'd also like to quickly apologise for my absence. That thing called "life" got busy and took over. I hold my hands up and admit it, I neglected this blog! Still unsure if I will be able to post regularly yet but I'm grateful for those of you who have stuck around. Anyway, let's not stray too far from this review and get back on topic!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Schwarzkopf Freshlight Foam Hair Colour Lemon Blond (New Version) Review

Not sure if this is considered "new" anymore but it was marketed as a new version of the Freshlight dye when my mum bought this for me in Hong Kong a while ago.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Muji Face Lotion Sheets (Compressed Face Masks)

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA once again. My reason is that I've finally moved to London and got the job I was talking about in my last post!! Thanks for the all kind words and wishes guys! I'm still adjusting to everything at the moment but hopefully I will start blogging more regularly soon. My list of to-do posts has been growing due to my inactivity but for now, let's jump straight into these Muji masks.

I got this package of five for £1.50. They kind of look like tablets don't they?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Liebster Award

Hey guys! Real life events have made me slightly least motivated to blog so I'm sorry for not being very active recently! Lucky I was nominated by Belinda to do the Liebster Award which I hope will help me get my motivation back. I've actually done the Liebster Award years ago but I think I've grown a bit as a person so I thought why not do it again! Hopefully I can come up with some brand new facts today.

:: Eleven current facts about Jing-Jing ::

Ironically this isn't a current selfie #ihavenorecentselfies #dontwanttorecyclephotos #throwback

1. I am moving in with my boyfriend in London in a matter of days which I'm pretty excited about! More opportunities plus my best friends ditched me (just kidding) to live there too so it's going to be just like old times once I get there!

2. I currently live in and will be moving out of Norfolk. I have lived here my whole live minus the three years I was at university. Where I come from is pretty rural so it can get pretty boring for a young adult like me

3. I have not graduated from university yet even though I finished months ago. My uni's graduation isn't until January 2015 which I am a little annoyed about. A lot of my friends have recently graduated. I want to graduate too!!

4. Since finishing uni I have been job hunting for over three months and finally got called for an interview a few days ago. I know I haven't got the job yet but to get a response after so long has made me super happy!

5. I have been planning a little business project during my months of no work. I don't know if I'm ever going to go through with it. Depends how life goes but I sort of I hope I do so my research isn't wasted! Maybe one day you'll hear about it on this blog...

6. I mentioned in one of my last tags I was pretty conscious about my teeth. I'm hoping to get Invisalign (invisible braces) and maybe getting them very soon. Straight teeth here I come!

7. I am going back to Hong Kong in December and haven't seen some of my relatives for two years! My family always try to do some sort of holidayception and we're thinking of going to Japan.

8. For some reason, I have really been enjoying egg sandwiches lately. Omelette sandwiches to be exact. I only like my eggs when the yolk and white is mixed together. Boiled egg? No thanks.

9. I've recently become quite into fitness. I want to be more toned and sweat away the fat! I used to be quite sporty but unfortunately my stamina currently sucks. It's improved a little but I still have a long way to go. MUST FIGHT!

10. Jing-Jing isn't actually my real name *gasp*. If you google my real name, which is pretty unique, I'm very easy to find. My Facebook page is the first link in the results and I want to keep my private life separate from my internet presence

11. I am very prone to typos and have to proof read things I type several times! I am the worse when I text haha

Hope these facts weren't too boring! I used my more fun ones in my older tags which you can see herehere and here if you want to know what younger Jing-Jing was like. To be honest I haven't changed much!

:: Belinda's questions ::

Fashion or makeup
Ahh this is hard! I get fashion because I prefer shopping for clothes. Just by a little bit though.

How do you hold yourself from splurging too much money
I'd like to think I'm actually pretty good with my money! I usually ask myself "do I really need it" and "do I already have something like this". Most of the time, I don't need or I do have something similar to whatever I want to buy! However, I am just another girl that likes to shop and there are some things I can't pass off and end up buying :'D

Favorite food
I love food too much to pick! It depends on how I'm feeling. I like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Italian food if that helps. Right now I'm looking forward to my egg sandwich though...

If you had to choose one makeup
Mascara all the way! I've read you can double it up as eyeliner too :P

Fashion essentials
Can I pick more than one? I'm going to anyway. My absolute essentials are a cute dress, pair of nice fitted jeans, basic top, blazer, jumper, leggings one pair of casual shoes and a pair of heels. This was a hard question!

One fact about you
But I've just shared eleven already *struggles*. My 12th fact is that I'm currently watched Cardcaptor Sakura again. Ahh them nostalgic feels.

Favorite youtube beauty guru
Not really your typical beauty gurus but probably Klairedelys and CloudyApples. I don't really like watching a lot of beauty/fashion gurus now because I feel it's all the same nowadays...gosh I sound old...

One product you really regret buying
Tony Moly Cat's Wink Mascara. So excited to try it, so disappointed.

Heels or wedges or flat shoes or sneakers
Shoes are my weakness! It really depends on the occasion so I can't decide!

I'm really not that interesting but I hope you enjoyed reading a few facts about me!
Tell me a random fact about yourself in the comments :D

Friday, 15 August 2014

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h 1 Day Tattoo Review

Also known as the "K-Palette eyeliner". With such a long name, no wondering this much raved about product gets it's name shortened. I swear some make up brands give their products really long names just to be difficult!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige Review

And the hair adventure continues! I've been wanting to try Liese for ageeees and I finally got to this week...

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Sample Project

I have a confession to make. I am a sample hoarder. Samples in the form of sachets to be precise. I love getting samples but when they're in sachets I never seem to use them!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength Review

Today I will be reviewing hair dye remover, something I've never tried before so I had no idea what the results would be like! I had this little theory in my head that if I was to strip away the colour from the multiple dye jobs I've had, I'd be left with a lighter colour which would be easier to lighten when I next dye it. I also wanted to remove the red tones in my hair from my previous dye job. Let's see if my mini science experiment works!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Photospam: Hyper Japan

Hey everybody! Sorry for the gap between this and my previous post. I did not want to make a new post because I wanted to fix my missing pictures on my blog first. I am happy to say that I think I've replaced them all! I have also been away this week so I haven't had access to my files for my blog.

Anyway the main reason why I was away was because I went to Hyper Japan with my boyfriend and his niece! My boyfriend is interested in Japanese culture, his niece is into anime and I like all things cute and kawaii so it seemed like the place to go! I took quite a lot of photos which I will be sharing in this post. Enjoy!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Collection 2000 Colour Pout Lasting Lip Stain Review

Before I begin this review I want let you guys know that I've screwed up my blog big time recently. I sort of messed around with my google account and accidentally privated a load of my blog's pictures and didn't realize until a few days later!! I'm sorry that the majority of my photos are missing and will be fixing it as fast as I can! It's a tedious process though so please bear with me. On a lighter note I've linked my blog to my google plus account so we can now be friends and follow each other! Add me :D ?

Anyway, back onto the review. Today I am going to be reviewing a lip pens. The kind that's like a felt tip pen that seems to be a trend of the past now. I got this when Collection still went by "Collection 2000" so this is probably quite an old product. However, upon googling if this lip pen was still being sold, I found out that Superdrug and Boots still have it on their website so it is still on the market for those who want to try it out.

The name has unfortunately rubbed off but I believe I have the shade "Pout" after some research

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Palty Hair Dye Maple Donut Review

When those roots get ugly what do I do? Try out another hair dye!! Today is going to be another Palty one. I bought this waaaaay back in September so I feel like I've been waiting forever to use it. I liked the last Palty dye I used (see that review here) so that increased my level of anticipation too. Let's see what the results were like!

Tsubasa says "PEACE YO~"

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Clinique High Impact Mascara Review

A lot of times when I go to a supermarket, I look at the magazine section to see if any of them have any freebies I want to try out. I was in Tesco a few days ago and noticed that the current issue of Glamour came with Clinique freebies. It was a decision between Clinique's moisturizer or mascara (they're giving away chubby sticks too but my store didn't have them :c). I've already tried out the moisturizer in the past so my curiosity told me to go for the mascara.

It's so teeny tiny!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick Review

I think the majority of beauty enthusiast owns at least one MAC lipsticks. It wasn't until a few months ago I could finally say that I owned a MAC lipstick. It wasn't that I haven't been to a MAC store before; it was more that I was spoilt for choice and wanted to make sure the first lipstick I got from MAC is one I'll love. I also happened to always pick shades on days they'd be out of stock because I'm that lucky. My luck is so strong that I have actually purchased a MAC lipstick before, got given a completely different colour but that's a different story. Anyway, there was one day decided I wanted Peach Blossom, the store had it in stock, I double checked I was given the correct colour and so Peach Blossom become my first ever MAC lipstick.

Peach Blossom - My first (technically second) MAC Lipstick

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Outfit: Red is my lucky colour

Got to dress up few days ago since it was my parents' day off, both my brother and I were back from uni so we had a family day out. Here's what I wore~

Sunday, 29 June 2014

ELF Studio Eyebrow Treat and Tame Review

Those of you who have been following my hair dye adventures will know that I am currently going lighter. I was previously using a brown brow gel from Maybelline but since then I have gone lighter which means a new product is needed if I wanted to match my brows.

I chose ELF Studio Eyebrow Treat and Tame in Ash to be my new test subject

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

NYX Matte Lipstick Shocking Pink Review

I was on a lip products ban from the start of this year. However, ever since "Radiant Orchid" was announced as the colour of 2014, I wanted a purple-ish lipstick and my ban sort of went downhill from there! Today I will be reviewing the lipstick that made me give into my ban.

In case you was wondering, this lipstick costs £6

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink is a bright blue toned pink. I decided to go for a bluey toned pink rather than a full on purple like Radiant Orchid because I don't think I'm adventurous enough to go full purple :'D

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Travel Diary: Sheffield

Hey guys sorry for the delay between my last post and this one! I moved back home from uni a few days ago so the past week has been packing and unpacking. My room had become a storage room during the years I was gone so it's been quite a challenge to make it feel like my room again. Anyway, enough of that story and back onto the post. Today I will be sharing snippets of my visit to Sheffield. Enjoy :)

First stop: Food at Sakushi

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Outfit: I didn't choose the pug life...

...because the pug life didn't choose me :'D How's it going guys? A few days ago me and the boyfriend took a random trip to Sheffield because we've never been there before, plus it was a relatively cheap train ride away. Took the opportunity to do an OOTD in a new setting so I hope you guys like it!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Food Diary: First half of 2014

Hey hi! Going through my posts, I've come to realize that I have not posted anything life related since 2013!! I guess it was down too me getting caught up with uni work (oh yeah, I made it and am graduating so yay!) and not being able to do anything too interesting that's blog-worthy. I've eaten out a few times during those stressful days, taken shots here and there on my phone so today I'm going to share these pictures with you all! My phone is in desperate need of a clear up so I hope you guys don't mind me taking a break from reviewing. Enjoy and don't get too hungry :)

:: 15th January :: The Black Bean ::

My late birthday meal with my besties. Not sure if I've written about The Black Bean yet on my blog but we seem to always go there for dim sum whenever I visit London. What can I's yummy and good value for money. If you're ever in China Town you should check it out!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam Light Beige Blonde Review

Hey everybody! Today I've got a hair dye review for you all. I'd been so busy leading up towards the end of uni that my roots grew out prettyyy bad! Let's see how this dye turned out on my hair!

This was my first ever foaming dye so I was really didn't know what to expect

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Covergirl LashBlast Volume Review

Is the bandwagon for this still around? I knew I had to picked this mascara up when I visited America almost a year ago. I feel like it's been raved about so much that as a mascara enthusiast, I just had to try it out!

As usual if there's the option, I chose the waterproof and blackest version (in this cause "very black")

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Yet Another "I'm Back" Post

Hello guys! It's been a while hasn't it? I've recently finished my degree so I can finally say goodbye to education forever and hello to the blog world again!

Whilst neglecting this blog, I actually made another one as part of my assignment. An online portfolio of some of my work. I have absolutely zilch, nil, nada, no blog material at the moment so in the mean time, please feel free to browse my other page :')

Let me know what you think guys! Also, thank you to those who are still with me even though I've been so inactive lately. With all this newfound freedom I've got, I'll be posting a lot more from now on. I have so many reviews and posts lined up already! Just give me a little more time to take photos and type things up ( ^_^ )

Now to do a bit lot of blog reading! I've missed you blog world!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Quick ELF Haul

Hey guys! So ELF (I'm sure if you read beauty blogs you'll know who they are!) recently had free shipping and 2 free gifts if you spend £15 or more. Stress of university work made me want to do some retail therapy. Also, with the combination of needing wanting some new make up items, I made an order!

New goodies!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sleek Pout Paint Review

Happy April guys! To celebrate the arrival of spring, today I will be reviewing some spring-summery coloured lippies from Sleek.

From left to right are the shades: Pin Up, Milkshake, Lava and Peachy Keen

I've had these for quite a while so the packaging is slightly different. Judging by Sleek's website, they've changed the font of the words "Pout Paint".

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara Review

Random fact, I got this mascara two years ago last time I was in Hong Kong. I try to go through mascaras one by one so it wasn't until recently I opened and tried it out. About time I reviewed it right?!

Lovely royal looking packaging as expected from MJ

Monday, 17 March 2014

Palty Hair Dye Pure Natural Review

A few weeks ago I dye my hair because my roots were getting out of hand. I've had this Palty dye sitting around my room for quite some time and with it being my first Asian dye I've ever used, I was rather excited!

The box

Friday, 7 March 2014

ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Extreme Black Lengthening Mascara Review

I'm not a loyal reader of a particular magazine but I do like reading them. However I only seem to only by magazines if it includes a freebie #cheapskate. I just can't justify spending £2 on just a magazine when I know you can get something extra with it for the same price! Anyway, recently I picked up a copy of Glamour magazine because it came free with a 25% off coupon for H&M plus a mascara by ModelCo which I will be reviewing today.

Anyone else buy magazines solely depending on what freebies you get?

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Outfit: Yo, Mr White! Check out Ma Pants!

Sometimes I can't be bothered to make an effort in dressing nice. Anybody else get those days? Yesterday was one of those days and here's what I wore.

Any Breaking Bad fans?

Monday, 24 February 2014

Announcement: Blogiversary Giveaway Winner

So my blogavisary giveaway ended and it wasn't until today I realized I spelt the word "blogiversary" wrong. Ahhh I need to go back to school lmao. Anyway, back on to the announcement . . .

Congrats Cassandra *wooooo~*

I will be emailing you very shortly girl! Thanks to everyone for entering and making this giveaway happen. There will definitely be more in the future so keep an eye out if you want to be a winner too ;D

See you in my next post!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream Review

Also known as "Collection Cream Puff" but I settled with Collection 2000 because that's what it says on the packaging of mine. For those who are unaware, "Collection 2000" shortened their name to "Collection" so the two companies are essentially the same.

I have the shades Powder Puff, Fairy Cake and Cotton Candy.

Yummy sounding names right?!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Outfit: Garden Party

Long time no outfit of the day! I usually do styling posts but today I will be just doing the one outfit today of this super cute dress kindly sent for me to style and review.

Cue the awkward pose

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara Review

In my previous post I revealed that I dyed my hair, therefore I needed some new eyebrows to match my new colour!

I purchased the mascara in "Medium Brown"

I think this is the first coloured brow mascara I've seen in drugstores

Friday, 31 January 2014

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Natural Medium Champagne Blonde Review

Exciting news guys; I recently dyed my hair! The hair dye addict is back!

This is the dye I used. No I'm not blonde...yet ;D

Tip for any girls with black hair that wants to go brown; use blonde dyes as they will lift more colour from your hair.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Skinfood My Short Cake Setting Mascara Review

Recently I tried out my very first Skinfood product! Shoutout to Angel who included this mascara in a beauty swap we did a while ago; if it wasn't for her this review would have never happen!

Probably one of the cuter mascaras I own

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Shizurawr's 3rd Blogavisary Giveaway!

Hey guys! Can you believe I've been blogging for 3 years now? Crazy right?! It's all because of you readers that motivate me to keep going. Thank you so much! In return, here is another giveaway for you all!

 It was fun shopping for you guys (especially since I did it in January sales!). I had to think pretty hard  and tried to get something everyone would like...let's see what I got!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Sponsored Styling: Casual Pocket Tee from Dresslily

Hey guys! So my last post was pretty negative towards sponsors but luckily has given me some hope that not all these companies are bad. The company got in contact with me and offered to provide me one item for me to style, review and giveaway! Here's what I got!

The stock photo (see more photos of the shirt by clicking on the photo to direct you to Dresslily's site)

Keep reading if you want to see how the top really looks and styled!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Announcement: Dressale Giveaway CANCELLED

Hey there guys, I am sorry to say that I will be closing my Dressale giveaway. No winners will be selected because I have reasons to believe that the website is not legit and I do not want to any of you to be scammed by them!

This was all triggered by an email I received today from Dressale wanting my to host a giveaway for them; but I'm already hosting one! I decided to google things such as "is dressale legit" and "dressale giveaway blog scam" and came across this post along with lots of reviews saying is a scam. I wish I'd done some more research before agreeing to host the giveaway :(

I also noticed that a lot of bloggers like myself have also hosted the same $30 coupon giveaway, so I tried to find some posts by 'winners' about what they spent their $30 on. Another thing I tried to find out was if anybody had done a haul from Dressale. Guess what? I didn't find any. But I did find this...

Screenshot of

There are also a number of negative reviews on review sites but they're mixed with positive ones (probably written by Dressale themselves) which makes the site seem more hit-and-miss than a scam; so to see a Facebook page with people complaining about their experience with the company really says a lot of them.

I've learnt my lesson so any bloggers out there who are getting sponsorship emails; research the company first!

On a lighter note, I guess one good thing out of this event is that I'm going to be hosting my personal giveaway sooner. It was my blogivesary a few days ago and I was going to start a giveaway for that after this Dressale one had ended. Well, it's now ended!

To those of you who have wasted your time entered this giveaway, I am really sorry but I will make it up to you in my next one!  Extra entries maybe hehee~

Keep your eyes peeled for my future (legit) giveaway post ;D

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer Review

Helloooo 2014! New year, new layout! *sorry if my blog looks a bit off. This may be an ongoing process*

Hope everyone had a great time during the holiday period. Getting back on topic, today I bring to you my review on the Rimmel Apocalips as promised in my previous post.

The shades I own are "Luna" and "Across The Universe".